Sunday, October 11, 2009

He Said "Mama"

Colton said, for sure, "mama." He's said it a few times in the past, but I brushed it off as a coincidence. Now, I'm beginning to think, he might know what he's talking about. Normally, he says "mama" when he is upset (hungry or tired). It's so cute how he says it too. With his face all scrunched up, he'll say a series of "mamamamamamamama." When he is happy, he doesn't normally say "mama." Darn! Tonight, I had to finish getting Katie ready for bed and fix Colton his bottle. Well, Doug had to tend to him while I was running around the house. Doug and Colton were on the bed in our bedroom. Doug said that Colton would cry "mamamamama" and watch down the hallway to see if he could see me. He said that Colton would stop and look at the doorway, when he heard me talking. Poor baby! By the time I got his bottle warmed and back in the room, he was snubbin'. Oh, it just breaks my heart. Of course, to make Doug feel bad, Colton stopped crying as soon as I picked him up. :( That always makes me feel bad.

Colton can't seem to enjoy his new talent of sitting up on his own. No, he has to go to the next level, which is pulling up and standing. Don't get me wrong, he can't stand right now without assistance, but I know he would love to. If he gets tired of sitting, he'll lunge at someone or something, in hopes to pull up. He will fight you to stand up, while you're trying to sit him back down. He likes to get his hands and start banging them on anything. So, I got him one of those Leap Frog drums. I think Katie likes it better than he does or that is the very small time that he has been able to play with it because big sister is always grabbing it away from him.

Would you believe the fighting has started? Or at least the play fighting between Katie and Colton. Now that he can sit up, she's been playing with him. The crazy girl will put her special toys (nothing that is too little to put in his mouth) and then gets mad at him when he snatches her toys. Ugh! So, then I hear "mom, Colton took my toy." Wow! It starts so early. I just knew I had a few more months before this started. Ha! Ha! Doug had to get on to Katie tonight because she was getting a little rough with Colton when he snatched one of her crayons, while she was coloring her pony. Oh the DRAMA!

Katie's little friends from school (Lilly & Claire) told Katie that they are having 2 different birthday parties. Well that just intrigued Katie, having 2 separate birthday parties. So, she asked me if she could have 2 different birthday parties this year. She was estatic when I told her that we will be going to the beach on her birthday. She couldn't hardly believe it. She asked me, "mom does that mean I can have a princess party and a beach party too?" I told her "sure, but where did the princess party come from? I thought she wanted a 'Littlest Pet Shop' party?" "Oh yeah, right!" she responded. She explained to me that Lilly was having a princess party. She told me that she'll have to tell Claire and Lilly about her 2 parties. GIRLS! Her friend, Olivia G., invited Katie to her birthday party next Friday. Oh boy! This will be Katie's first school classmate birthday party. It will be at the Cullman Gymnastics. She's excited! I took her to Walmart to pick out some little something. She knew exactly what to get Olivia G. A specific Polly Pocket because Katie has one just like it. Ha!

I bought Katie a pair of black patent leather shoes and they seem to fit her when she first wore them to church. Well, today she was complaining about how her toes hurting. Oh, no! We had her stand up with the shoes on and there is barely enough room for her feet. Ugh! So, while Katie is out of school tomorrow, I guess we're going to head to the store and get her a pair that fits. Sometimes, I get so aggravated over stupid shoes. Would you believe that she has shoes in her closet and all of them are not the same size? None of the shoes fits her the same way another pair might fit. It's gotten to where, I have to have her with me now to purchase shoes. She has a size 9, 10, 11, & 1, it's ridicules!

You think shoes are bad to fit Katie just right without her with you, clothes are just as bad. Peggy bought Katie some Christmas outfits from Belk. The size 4 pants were a little snug; the size 5 shirt seemed a little big but will probably shrink in the wash; but the size 5 dress ate her up. Every piece of clothing came from the same store and in the same department. In fact, I think all of the articles of clothing is the same brand name. GO FIGURE! Oh well, since I'll be out and about, I told Peggy that I'd go by there and exchange. This isn't a rant, I wanted to show you how crazy buying for children can be. By the way, Laura I think Peggy bought every Christmas outfit Belk had to offer, so I think Katie's got the same outfits as Alise. HA HA! You know Peggy! She loves her Belk. HA HA! I love the polka dot shirt & dress. I'm hoping that Belk will have the dress in a size 4. I plan to take both shirt & dress to Monograms Plus and have a "K" monogramed on them. I think it will look so cute!

Tonight, we went to Sam's Club and I got Colton a couple of cloth books, train & "My First Farm Book." The train book is an actual train that makes a "toot, toot" sound when you press a button. It has a rattle and crinkle in the wheels, but underneath it is the book. It is so cute! I think the book is put out by "Softplay." They also had a truck, pony ride (horse trailer/truck w/horse)and dump truck. I went ahead and gave him the train. Oh, he loved it. He started banging on it right away. I plan to save the other for Christmas, if Katie will leave it alone. It's also a cloth book with stuffed farm animals that you play with during the story, comes with a cloth barn as well. They also had a "My First Zoo" book, with stuffed wild animals. I think I like the farm animals better. I'm keeping my eyes open for a plastic BIG Tonka or Catepillar truck to give Colton for Christmas. The only ones I've seen are for 3+ years and that won't do. Other than the Tonka truck, I have no ideas what Santa Claus is suppose to get Colton. None! He has every possible "general" toy because of Katie. I've been looking for boy toys. You know, animals, bugs, trucks, farming equipment, etc. I'm drawing a blank for a 9 month old little boy.

Yesterday, was the last day of Oktoberfest here in God's Country. Katie and I got out of the house, left the men to bond, to go to Walmart. My second home away from home. We drove by to see how the Oktoberfest festivities were making it and it looked intriguing to me. So, we parked the truck and took a closer look. There were arts and crafts of every kind. There was also the "haystack people," which is what is the most important part of Oktoberfest or at least in Katie's eyes. Below are a few pictures I took of Katie at the Oktoberfest. Since we were so close, I had to check out MONOGRAMS PLUS' new addition to their store. Laura, they carry the Southern Belle T-shirts. Have you seen the SB with the Bama sayings on them? So cute! All the SB shirts run $18, except for the collegiate $22. I might have to get one of the SB "Tide" shirts. My goodness, the collegiate apparel and stuff. I thought I was going to have a hard time getting Katie to put the baby Alabama elephant down that sang the Alabama fight song. She kept saying that baby Colton needed it for Christmas. The only reason why she put it back was because I told her that we might come back and get it another time.

In front of the Col. Cullmann Museum

Col. Cullmann Memorial Statue

Sitting inside the gazebo by the Col. Cullmann Museum

Katie & I in front of the Haystack People

Katie posing with the Haystack People


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Laura said...

Oh, I am so glad that Colton is saying, Moma! I'm sure that it music to your ears! But just wait! You'll be hearing double "moma's" from here on out! I'm sure you love it, though.

As far as Katie's growing spurt, I keep waiting for Alise to take one, but it hasn't happened yet. I put on a new pair of shoes on her this morning for Grandparent's Day and they were a size 9! I have started buying size 5 in most everything...hoping she will get an extra years wear out of it. However, the Christmas stuff that I bought at Belk was all size 4 and I didn't have her with me to try the stuff on. Sure hope it still fits by Christmas! Knowing my luck, that's probably when she'll take her growing spurt!