Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Doug's Trip Part III - What Do Santa Barbara Homeless Do Best?

Have you ever asked yourself, What does Santa Barbara homeless do best? Have you ever thought about that question? Well, let me enlighten you on what it is that Santa Barbara homeless do best.

They create sandart and then ask you for money just for seeing their masterpiece. LOL! Honestly, I thought Doug was lying to me when he told me about this "must see" past time.

These creations are easily found, right off the broadwalk. Who would have thought?

Doug pulled one of my favorite things to do. He photographed his dinner at the restaurant, just so I could post it here on Blogger. LOL! We are desperate for cheap entertainment around here.

Doug said that the Elephant Bar Restaurant was a great place to eat. He said that he would love to eat at another one any time. If you would like to see if there is an Elephant Bar Restaurant near you, just CLICK HERE for their homepage.

Honestly, I don't remember where Doug said he ate at Santa Barbara, but he really like this above Crab Cake. He went on about how delicious it was. In fact, he said he liked it much better than the Fish Taco, he ate for his main meal (picture seen below).
I don't think I would like it either because the meat was broiled instead of fried or grilled. I'm just not much into broiled seafood. Other than that, it looks really good. Good picture hon!

Neat Treasures Found This Fall Season
Doug and I have come across some sweet treasures to celebrate the Fall/Halloween Season.
This little tasty treat hasn't survived around our house very long (box is nearly gone). Have you noticed the gourment Candy Corns? Now, I love Candy Corn, but I've been a little afraid to try the gourment. I mean, how can you make the traditional pure sugar treat any better than the original. I ask you? Surprise! You know me and chocolate. Not much stands in the way between me and chocolate. I'm addicted! There, I said it. Brach's had in my face a Chocolate Caramel Candy Corn (just for those chocolate lovers). Oh, you talk about heaven! Doug wanted to try these above, Caramel Apple Candy Corn. Would you believe that they taste exactly like a candied apple? I was shocked! They are delicious! We not only have had a hard time keeping Katie out of the box, but we catch ourselves snatching a handful. As you've guessed, the Weight Watchers Diet has been put on hold. Of course, the powdered donuts that my mother-in-law sent home with Katie didn't help either. Thanks Peggy! Love ya! Anyways, if you like Candy Corn, you've got to check out the gourment flavors (tons of different flavors) at any Walmart, Target and probably your local grocery store.

Have you tried making a PayDay snack, made from nothing but regular Candy Corns and Roasted Peanuts? Oh, it is so good. Once I added plain M&Ms to give a little chocolate taste. This last time, I put in the Chocolate Caramel Candy Corn with lightly salted Roasted Peanuts. They are great to set on the table, while watching the game.
Katie and I fell in love with these luminary tins. When I walk into Target, the first thing I do is go through their sale or bargain aisles. Sometimes, I can find little treasures like these. They cost me $2.50 each and came in 3 different designs (ghost, haunted house and pumpkin). Personally, I like the haunted house and Katie like the pumpkins. I thought the two complimented each other. At first, I thought about just setting these outside along my driveway, but when I was coming up with a decorator plan for my bookcase, I came up with this display. I rather like it better than just throwing them out on the driveway in hopes that someone might see them. I don't know about you, but we really don't have trick or treaters anymore. With all the meanness in the world, it's taken all the fun away and the safest way for our children to have an enjoyable Halloween is to go to your local festivals. Our festivals are mostly conducted by our churches (trunker treat or Fall festivals). The only outside decorations we have anymore are the blow ups (Frank & Pop-Up Ghost in Pumpkin). I was surprised at Katie this year. She seems more scared of everything like the famous heads (Frank & Wolfman). In the past, she absolutely loved them. Now, she starts crying in fear that you might turn them on. What's the deal child? I've explained to her and let her look at them that they are just toys. Oh well.


The Thorsrud Family said...

Those are really sad pictures of the homeless, especially of the homeless man. I sure hope he was sleeping when he got that pic. So sad.

Laura said...

So I wanna know how much the SB homeless charged Doug to take pictures of their fine artwork! Ha! AND...I think Mf. Mason is turning into a regular blogger/photographer himself! He should have his own blog so you wouldn't have to do his "dirty work." Ha! Loved the fall decorations and as far as the candy corn, I've seen all the varieties at Target. Did you see the pink and purple? Don't know what "flavor" they were, but when I went back to get them for Alise, they were all completely gone!