Monday, May 24, 2010

A Day At The Lake

Today, school let out early and we all headed towards the lake for a little R & R. It's been a long time since Katie's actually been to the lake and we've never allowed her to swim in it. Well, Katie had a million and one questions to ask on our way to our school party. First, she kept confusing a pond with a lake. "Are we having a party at the pond? Do you know where the pond is?" and "What is a pond?" After correcting her about the pond/lake issue, she asked "Is a lake bigger than the beach?" Okay! Thank goodness it was a good long drive. By the time we got to Connie and Keith's house, I think I got her all straightened out.

Katie kicking her feet in the water with her friends

Katie did great swimming around the lake today.  She got so excited when I told her it was alright to get in, she jumped in and forgot to close her mouth.  She came up all big eyes and spitting.  After that she made sure to close her mouth and she didn't jump like that again. 

Katie putting around on the noodle

She loved this blow up - I guess it was fun to jump around on and it had a slide

Took this picture from the step going up to the house - Katie was in the blow up with her buddy, "T"

House was up on a bluff - Took picture further up towards the house. 

Connie and Keith had a nice boat house.  I loved their house!  She's an interior designer and trust me, I just took in.  I'm wanting to paint our Kitchen-Dining Room-Living Room (warmer color).  Connie's has the same open area (Kitchen,Dining Room & Living Room) and she had her area painted with the warm stone look, just like I had pictured in my mind.  Her walls were much darker than I would like, but I loved her stone tile wall.

Their house was practically on a bluff.  You should have seen the steps that we all had to walk down and YES, up to and from the water.  It was easy going down to the water, but you had better rest a good while before heading back up to the house.  SHEW!  By the time I got back down to the water, I felt like jumping in myself.  Us older folks had to take a break half way.  After the fourth time of climbing these stairs, my legs felt like jello.  While standing in line, I told Mrs. Katie that my legs were jerking.  We both had to laugh because hers was doing the same. 

I think everyone had a wonderful time today.  I know I had a better time than I initally thought.  I have to admit that when I heard we were going to the lake for our year end party, I got a little nervous.  There are so many things to take into consideration when you go to the lake.  You have to think about boat traffic, snakes, possible trash in the water, etc.  I was pleasantly surprised and felt more at ease by the time I checked everything out and spoke to the owners.

The kids had a blast and hated leaving soon after lunch.  Connie and Keith went all out to show us a good time.  They were very hospitable and enjoyed getting to know them a little better.  If you ever need a great interior decorator, I'll getcha in contact with her.  HAHA! 



Anonymous said...

Oh, looks like the kids are having so much fun! What a great idea! I love the two pictures you have of the kids at the top of your blog! Beautiful! Give them kisses from their Auntie Sandy! Love you, Sister Sandy

The Thorsrud Family said...

Wow, that looks like a blast. As soon as the water gets warmer here, I think we need to get our kids out to the lakes too in Minnesota. There's nothing more fun, and more draining, than having a day at the lake :0)