Friday, May 21, 2010

Get Out The Flip Flops

Saving Money & Living Life just made me aware of a day set aside for my favorite shoes, FLIP FLOPS!
National Flip Flops Day
June 18th
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So girls, buff those cracked heals, paint those cute piggies and dust off your favorite pair of flip flops (if you haven't already). My favorite brand of flip flops are "Yellow Box." I have several pairs of flip flops (Bare Traps, Born and Yellow Box) and I love them all!

To make this fun, let's have a "Flip Flop Block Party". Let's meet back here on June 18th with our flip flops on and post pictures of our favorite accessory. Post pictures on your blog, add a little story, if you want and comment on my blog, so we can all check out everyone's flip flops. It would also give everyone an opportunity to meet each other. Oh this sounds like so much fun. I've always visiting other bloggers block parties, but never hosted one myself. YAY!

Political Moment
Is the current administration slowly eliminating our first amendment right to Free Speech by regulating Political speeches or comments on blogs? This rumor has been circulating for quite some time, but I was really hoping that the administration would hear "The People" and figure out that there are other MORE important issues at hand. Well, it seems the administration is considering putting this little problem of theirs (political blogs) in the hands of the FEC aka Federal Elections Commission to take control. I don't believe anything has happened yet. If this does take place, will this actually be giving the government the opportunity to test the waters on regulating free speech? Now, in their defense, yeah the politicans' advertisements and "say anything to get the vote" technique does get on the NERVES. Should they be regulated from blogging? Personally, I don't think so. For more information regarding this subject, you can check out "MSNews" and "The Blog Herald".

An Added Tidbit
I was introduced to "Glow-in-Dark Earthworms" the other day. Now, I'm not a fan of worms of any kind, but I thought this was interesting. So interesting that I had to blog about it. These little wigglers seem to be the favorites for your serious fisherman. According to the salesman and blogger Worms of Endearment, they actually glow a soft blue-orange color in the dark. I read that catfish love these juicy morsels just as much as the basic brown earthworm.

 "The first attempts at turning live brown worms into a glowing green began in Canada. Known as Nitroworms, they exploded on the market in shining glory with a patented – and secret – process. The internal dye was proven to be non-toxic to the worms. Even better, it did not change the worms’ appeal as bait. Catfish literally flocked to the live enticement, according to reports. Indeed, fishermen began boasting larger catches and even the ability to attract and hook heftier game fishes, including trout, walleye, and bass." All About Worms reported.



The Thorsrud Family said...

Im going to have to pass on the flip flop party. Man, we are so busy around here. Too much to do, so little time! ha! I love working for my family anyway, it makes me happy :0) I hope you have a good flip flop party!! I'll be looking for pics.

Anonymous said...

I live in my flip flops! I honestly have more pairs than I can count. I love them :)

Heather said...

Awww, yay thanks so much for the linky love. Glad you are a flip flops girl too! I think that's a great idea. Please remind me closer to time & I'd love to come back and link up! Have a great week!
Heather @