Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Birthday To My Hubby!

My Hubby is celebrating his 42nd birthday today. Unfortunately, he had to go into work today, but hopefully we made it up to him when he got home.

We were all over town ALL day today. It was so bad that I came home 4 times before 4PM this afternoon. Sounds drastic doesn't it and trust me when I say that all of us were wiped out by supper time. I decided on a project for Katie to make for her teacher, Mrs. Katie. It's just a little something to say, we love her and appreciate all she has done for Katie. I got the idea from a blogger that I stumbled into their post on teacher gift ideas. To be perfectly honest, I stayed up until 11:30 last night reading and checking out so many new blogs that I forgot who it was that had the original idea. Sorry! I guess it's good too because I should be able to create a whole new gift, an original. LOL! So, we headed to Hobby Lobby to pick up all the supplies needed for Katie's project. Uh, Hobby Lobby is like Walmart for me. I can't just walk inside and get the things on my list. Oh no! I get off track looking at all the neat projects and "oh how nice and oh I'd like to make this and that." Ugh! I wish you were a fly on the wall because you would have had a great time laughing at me. Yes, I practically told myself (A LOUD) "get back on track" or "let's focus, Mirya!" Thank goodness, Colton was in the buggy because people would have known for sure that I was talking to myself or "CRAZY." Unfortunately or fortunately for me, I grabbed one more project other than Katie's "teacher gift." I'm slowly creating a flowerbed in the back yard. As lawn decor, I plan to make mosaic stepping stones for it. I found a large octagon shape, which is perfect and they only had one left. So . . . To go with the stepping stone tray, I found a boxed set of letters and numbers (script) stamps just for stepping stones. Yay! Hopefully, we'll be able to do this project next month. I know Katie will love it, I just hope I can find some patience to get me through it without pulling my hair out.

By the time we left Hobby Lobby, it was getting pretty close to picking up Katie time and I didn't think we would be able to have time to stop by Belk and be able to look around. We did our first stop to drop off our purchase and out we went to get gas, check out some land for sale and pick up Katie from school. I took the kids by McDonalds and we ended up eating our lunch in the Belk parking lot. I do that because I feel like I can have more control of the situation, if it was to arise. Belk was having a pretty good sale. I got a couple tops and Katie fell in love with a couple cotton fabric sundresses. We had the stroller with us and I knew there was no way, I would have enough room for our Walmart items. So, we get home for the second time to drop off Belk clothes. By this time, Colton has given up on us and FINALLY went to sleep. He didn't get to sleep long, poor thing because away we went inside Walmart. The kids had their snack and drinks to keep them happy, while momma got groceries for Doug's special supper night. I knew I wouldn't have enough time to bake a cake today, so I grabbed one from their bakery. Doug loves Reese Cups, so of course I had to get this . . .
Doesn't this look DE-LISH?!?
Reese Cup-Chocolate Cake w/cherry accents
Walmart wasn't running a sale on their meat, it's rare that they do. So, I went ahead and got the potatoes and stuff for a nice garden salad. Here we come home again! For the third time, we arrived home, dropped the refrigerated items and out we headed to none other than Piggly Wiggly. Yeah, yeah. You're probably sick of me talking about "The Pig," but we have a very nice one just down the road from our place. It's so clean, great variety, organized, great meat (Black Angus), friendly faces and when they have sales, they have SALES! I picked up some juicy New York Strips for $6.99 a pound. By the fourth time of driving up in the driveway, the kids were tired and cranky and so was this momma. Colton was beyond tired. Have you ever been too tired to sleep? Well, Colton couldn't rest well at all.

I felt bad because Doug had to cook his own food, but he wanted to cook them on the barbeque. He put a little steak rub on them and smoked 'em with hickory. Oh, it was delicious! They were cooked to perfection and the hickory smoke really made them so tasty. By the time, we ate the steak and potatoes, we were too full to make a salad. Doug said he'd make a salad for work tomorrow. We dug into the cake after the kids went to bed. Yum!

I think Doug had a pretty good birthday.  Katie drew pictures inside his card from her and Colton. He got a few shirts and a pair of shorts.  He really needed them and I had to get him this Columbia t-shirt because it was so soft.  Oh, I fell in love with it. 

We'll go out again sometime this weekend for both him and Peggy.  She celebrates her birthday next week.  I tried to get him to let me make reservations at "Connors Steakhouse," it is so good. 


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Laura said...

That cracked me up that ya'll dug into the cake AFTER the kids went to bed!! Poor kids!

Happy Birthday Doug!