Monday, May 3, 2010

Fun Filled Weekend

Garage Sale - Saturday
I am so thankful to God for listening to our prayers. He kept the rain off of us until around noon. Sure, our plans were to keep selling until close to 3PM, but we took noon. It was a great sale. We had a large variety to choose from and I believe everyone came out a winner. We got out and setting everything out at 5AM. I had so much, I ran out of space to set all the girl clothes. Thank goodness Robin, Whitney's MIL, let us borrow 3 (store) clothes racks. They helped out a lot! Finally, I just had to put the rest of the clothes out on a brand new tarp, on the ground. I really didn't like this idea, but I had no choice because I ran out of tables and clothes racks. HAHA! Doug took a few pictures for me of the BIG Garage Sale.

By mid-morning, I could see a huge chunk of clothes and items sold. So good, I was able to transfer the clothes off of the tarp onto the tables and racks. I've come to find out there are some people that make yard sales their profession. Sure, I expected to get the occasional product offers. If the item was something that wasn't my favorite or I could see the person needed worse than I, I was happy to come down a lot. One lady bought 2 1/2 Pamper boxes full of baby clothes that I came down a lot just for her buying so much.

Several people picked up the dresses and made cute comments about them, but put them down after seeing the price. I had 3 or 4 Rosalina dresses in excellent condition in the sale. I was asking $20 each, except for the Bama Smock. I believe I asked for $30 on it because it cost a lot of money and Katie hardly wore it. The Bama smock wasn't her favorite because it wasn't pink. Ugh! Go figure. After I get a breath, I'll get them out, take photos and post them here on Blogger before I post them on eBay. So, stay tuned!

Decoration Day - Sunday
Today was our annual run around the county for Decoration Day. The church, I grew up in and the church Doug grew up, both have their Decoration Day on the same day. I've had several people ask me about Decoration Day. What is it? What do you do? I think it must be a Southern thing, but it's when we take time out and just remember our loved ones that have gone on before us to be with the Lord. To celebrate them and our memories of them. We do this by "decorating" their gravesites with flowers, stuffed toys, crafts (handmade signs), plants, pretty much anything to dress up the graves. The church usually dedicates a one hour program of songs, reading poems and playing of instruments, all in remembrance of the ones who have passed away.

This year, Doug's family decided to do something different. We all met up at a restaurant to eat lunch, instead of going back to their house to eat. It was so nice to not have to worry about staying in the Kitchen, laying all the food out and then having to clean up afterwards. Ahh! It was nice. I think we had a very nice visit and I didn't seem too stressed out by the end of the day. In the past, Decoration Days kept me all wound up and by the end of the day, I was ready to collapse. I hope we can do this again next time.

Katie and Trey are something else. We kept giggling at those two. They were hugging and hanging on each other most of the time. Katie couldn't keep her hands off of him for a second and Trey was always wanting to know where Katie was at. They kept begging us parents to go to each others houses today, so they could play. I think I heard Katie telling Trey about the "Fun" Museum aka "EarlyWorks Museum." She wants someone to go with her so bad, she can taste it. Anyways, Katie and Trey are real affectionate to one another. In the future, I think we're gonna have to remind them that they are cousins. I remember my nephew, Nicholas, and niece, Leslie, were the same exact way. We were all the time saying they were the "kissing cousins." To this day, they seem to be very close. Not too close, if you know what I mean. HAHA! I hope Katie and Trey will have the same closeness in the future.

Fabric Canvas Wall Art - "The Tidymom"
This is such a great idea! Here I thought I was going to have to learn how to paint, so I could make my own works of art at an affordable price. Shoot! Now, I can change up my household wall art as much as I want. I love this idea and hope to find the time to do it. Whose with me? CLICK HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS. Have you ever done anything like this? Is it really that easy? Oh, I'm so excited!

The Gulf of Mexico - Oil Spill
Have you been keeping up with the latest on the oil spill off the Gulf of Mexico? First of all, the explosion is awful and I hated to hear about this tragedy. My thoughts and prayers go to the victims from this disaster. I really hope BP are able to cap this spill before things get worse for everyone and the environment. Isn't it something? No matter how BIG or small, a bad choice or tragic experience can affect so many many people and living things. Thank goodness God knows what's best and He always allows us to find a way back into balance for a brief moment. This spill could not have happened at the worst time right now. Now, when we need our oil rigs running smoothly, so the more than average environmental crazed nuts won't come jumping out of their skin saying, "see, see, we told you." "You're going to ruin the environment and kill off the endangered species by drilling for oil." Please don't get me wrong. I love animals and most other living species. We have to remember God created us for His glory. The animals were created for Adam's amusement, to care for. We just need to keep our priorities in check and make sure we are doing all we can do without jeopardizing our good will. We have to remember God is in control at all times. Accidents happen and yeah, most of the time it's our fault. Thank God because he is ever forgiving.

I'm still hearing reports that this oil will more than likely hit our coast in the next couple of months. At the same time, I'm hearing BP won't be able to guarantee a cap for that length of time. As much as I hate the affect this spill will have on everyone and every living thing, all I can think about is our future vacation plans. This definitely slings a dirty mop into the wash. Thankfully, like all dirty mops, they always come out clean in the end. I revisited our current contract and we have at least 6 weeks to cancel, in order to receive our deposit. So, what will be the alternative vacation spot? I was thinking about Biltmore Estate in Asheville. CLICK HERE FOR WEBSITE.

Biltmore Estate in Asheville ~ America's Largest Home ~
 Completed in 1895 ~ owned by George Vanderbilt

Several of my family members have had the opportunity to not only visit here once but twice. They love it and recommend the trip! Unfortunately, I never had the chance to go and would love to because of all the stories I hear about it. You can tour the house, winery and grounds. While you are touring the winery, you have the opportunity to taste a little as well. I understand there is a small town to visit and do a little shopping and sightseeing. The place is localed in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, so there's lots of wildlife and beautiful scenery. I have a nephew that doesn't live very far from there and I think he mentioned that a lot of people like to do a little hiking and whitewater there as well.


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