Thursday, May 6, 2010

Crafty Day

Yesterday, me and the kids did our Mother's Day crafts for Grandma Peggy and Grandma Jerry. Katie got all excited and she wanted to do something more.

Handprint construction paper Lilies. The purple flowers are Colton's handprint and the pink are Katie's.

These are a lot of fun to make

Katie created a couple of masterpieces for her grandmas. Worked until late last night and she said she'll finish them today.

In the boutique stores and art fairs, I've seen these picture frames and I've wanted one so bad, but could never pay $45+ for one with "Mason" on it. I came across this frame at Walmart for $12 and decided to do it. I made this one for my own personal use because I couldn't find items around the house and town in order to make this possible.  I used photos, cropped, changed the color and made it my own.  I just finished it up yesterday and I think it turned out pretty good. 


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Anonymous said...

Love the picture frame! That is an awesome idea to do it yourself. I would have never thought to try that on my own.