Monday, May 31, 2010

A Very Full Weekend

Katie's Ballet Recital

Katie's ballet recital was a hit! She did a great job and we are very proud of her. Here's a video of her rehearsal:

Zayne and Whitney's House Party
Katie was so excited to get to play with Nia. I love Whitney's colors in her Kitchen/Dining Room/Living Room area, it's chocolate and blue.  I like these colors, but I never would have thought it would look as good as it does in your Living Room.  Whitney has such good taste.  Maybe when I decide to re-decorate, I'll call her up. 
You can see the color scheme better in this picture

The kiddos enjoying their play time together.  Colton stayed right with them having a good time.

Sweet couple with baby boy

We had a fish fry with all the sides - notice it rained most of the morning

Whitney's Kitchen - June smiling for the camera before taking a bite of homemade chocolate ice cream

Zayne took Jon for a rock climbing adventure in his jeep
Memorial Day
We hung out by the pool today, celebrating Memorial Day. Did you get to watch "Band of Brothers" all day today on the Spike channel? Doug and I watched a little early this morning and a little more tonight, while the children were in bed. I can't begin to imagine what it was like over in Normandy.
I would like to say:
Thank you Veterans
those who fought and those who are still fighting
for mine and my families' freedoms!
Colton loved playing in the big tubby

I had the kids dressed up all Patriotic.  I wanted a picture of them together by the pool.  Unfortunately, as soon as we drove up into June & Pat's driveway, Katie noticed Jon was in the water and had to get in it immediately.  So there went my cute picture.

We were surprised how long Colton left his cap on his head

Our little mermaid! We had a terrible time getting her out of the pool
Katie and her swim buddy, Whitney


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Laura said...

Love Katie's dancing! She did SO well! Can't wait to show Alise!

I plan on going in the blue and chocolate in our bedroom.

Happy Memorial Day!!