Friday, May 7, 2010

Fun Day

Today was "Fun Day" at school and a fun day, it was indeed. Mrs. Katie asked all the students to bring boxes of popsicles and their bikes, if they wanted to ride around in the parking lot. The activities started at 9AM and ended around noon. Doug, Colton and I were among all the other parents and siblings at "Fun Day." Katie and her buddies were found in the Jump House when we got there. Activities included: face painting, marshmallow target game, water balloon game, bounce house, and bike riding. Let's no forget all the popsicles you could possibly eat along with other snacks.

Katie had a blast playing and just having fun with her friends. Colton really enjoyed all the festivities as well. He and dad hung out at the sand pit where the horse shoes game was displayed. Unfortunately, Colton took off with one of the stacks. He threw a fit when I took it away from him.

This game, I'd never heard of before.  Each kid blows a marshmallow through their PVC pipe and who ever hits the teacher with the marshmallow first, wins.

The 3 Musketeers

Katie wanted to be painted like a queen, so we suggested a crown.  She insisted on jewels painted on her cheeks.

Colton having fun on the playground
Our little queen for the day

We had so much fun that we decided to continue the fun ALL day!  On the way home, the kids got McDonald's Happy Meals for lunch.  Katie was ecstatic when she received a Barbie Mermaid as her toy.  At home, they both laid down for a nap and this momma snuck off to do a little Mother's Day shopping.  I even bought a few things for me, which hardly ever happens.  I stopped by the new Academy in Decatur and bought me a couple of visors for this Summer and a new lawn chair.  They had some really cute headbands, so I grabbed a few for Katie and myself.  I wanted to make photo albums for the children in Katie's class, so I stopped over to Hobby Lobby to pick up the foam albums.  All they had were foam notepads.  Ugh!  I didn't want to spend a whole lot on albums because I have to buy 10, plus the pictures.  So, I may have to just get the photos together and put them in an envelope, if I can't find inexpensive albums by then.  I'll check the dollar store and who knows Walmart might have some in stock.  I had too much fun in Hobby Lobby, like always.  They had their photo frames for 1/2 off.  I'm wanting to re-do my hallway photos, so I grabbed a collage (8-4x6).  It will be hard to find that perfect photo of the kids to put in them because there are so many to choose from.  I may have to get a couple more collages.  Ha ha! 

As soon as I got home, Doug put a pork tenderloin on the barbeque.  Oh, it smelled so good, but took FOR-EVER to cook.  You know you just can't rush good barbeque.  Unfortunately or fortunately, Doug got impatient and fired up the grill.  He finished cooking the tenderloin on it, so we could eat before 10PM.  Haha!  Meanwhile, we had family time in the back yard.  Katie drove Colton around in her Jeep, played on her playset and jumped on her trampoline.  All Colton wanted to do before taking a nap was play with a stick. 

Some kind of worm has gotten ahold of my Mock Orange bush and has pretty much striped it down to the branches.  So, out came the Seven Dust Liquid.  You would not believe the worms all over that bush!  As soon as I began spraying, they were falling off like flies.  I even sprayed our neighbors bushes because I could see the cluster of worms all over them.  Yuck!  I had a gallon of the poison mixed, so I took advantage and sprayed a lot of the yard with it because it's supposed to kill off ticks, spiders, fleas, chiggers and ants.  Us practicely living in a very wooded area, I felt our yard could use a spraying down.  I've only seen one tick this year, so if there is one then there's got to be more. 

Tonight, as Katie was soaking in the tub, she kept telling me that she had so much fun today.  She asked Doug and myself if we had a fun day too.  As soon as we said "yes," it just got her to talking about it all over again.  Oh and guess what?  I guess I'm going to have to buy me a sleeping bag after all.  Katie has started already about camping outside again.  You probably remember a year or two ago, she started that stuff about camping.  I was able to feed her appetite by setting up her tent inside our Dining Room.  At Christmas time this past year, I eased her desire by sleeping under the Christmas tree with her in the Living Room.  Now, she wants us to sleep under the stars on the trampoline.  I could probably handle it pretty good because there's a net all around us and we're not exactly on the ground.  I told her once it got a little warmer at night, we'll try to do it.  Oh, she was so excited. 

We are ready for Mother's Day.  Colton and Katie finished their craft project for their grandmas' and I got a couple of nice gifts for our moms.  I started to get me one, but digressed.  I can't say too much, but we have this little shop close by that I just love and could spend the money like there is no tomorrow.  I'm telling you an hour could pass without you even knowing about it, it's such a nice shop.  They have the prettiest and neatest stuff in there, it's right up my alley.  I think our moms will really like what they got, if not I'll take it.   Ha!  Lord willing, we have a Country Boil dinner planned for our mothers on Sunday.  Doug even talked about getting me some crab legs.  Yum, Yum!  Susan and her family is coming and I think Whitney will try to come over later.  The other sisters have plans of their own and won't be able to come.  They don't know what they'll be missing.  Ha ha!  I understand with Maryann, she gone to visit Ryan.  I know it will be a happy reunion. 


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Happy Mother's Day!!

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