Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

I'd like to wish all you Mothers and Mothers to come a very special Mother's Day!

I had a fantastic Mother's Day, like every other year. It's just a time for me to appreciate and be thankful of all my many many blessings, God has granted me. I'm so thankful to be able to celebrate/share another Mother's Day with my mother. I appreciate the fact my mother is able to spend another year with her grandchildren, so they will build memories. I'm grantful to have a husband that truly appreciates me and more importantly loves me for being ME. I thank God for listening to my many many (tearful at times)prayers for a family. I still can't believe he has entrusted me with these two beautiful children, more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. It is an honor everyday I wake to try to take care of these two precious gems. Being a full-time mom has got to be the hardest job. I run into road blocks, climbed some steep mountains, held my breath through some difficult times, but I continue to survive and the rewards are rich and make it well worth it.

Katie Story
For the past several days, Katie's been asking me how much longer before Mother's Day.  Well this morning, Katie asked me if it was Sunday.  As soon as I confirmed, she asked if it was Mother's Day.  I told her "yes."  "Happy Mother's Day, mom!" she told me.  She not only told me "Happy Mother's Day," but she told Doug, Colton, and my mother, when I was on the phone with her.  I guess Katie thinks Mother's Day is a holiday like Easter or Christmas because she expected me to tell her "Happy Mother's Day" back to her, Colton and dad (Doug).  I tried to explain to her that she wasn't a mother yet and daddy and Colton were boys, not mommas.  She giggled and suggested I wish them a "Happy Mother's Day" anyway.  So, I told her what if I wish her "Happy Daughter Day," Colton a "Happy Son Day" and daddy a "Happy Daddy Day."  She began giggling because she thought that was funny, but liked the idea, especially "Happy Daughter Day." 

How do you like my new glider? 
This was my gift from Katie, Colton & Doug
I love it!  I've always wanted one.

Colton Update
Colton's new thing is going around and around in circles.  Last night, Doug and I got tickled at Katie and him because they were going around in circles and getting dizzy.  The more Katie laughed, the more Colton would giggle and do it more.  They are my little nuts!

A few family members were able to come over for a good ol' Country Boil. If you've never had a Country Boil, they are a great one pot dinner. Depending on how many people you're cooking for, you would fill your pot full of water, but not too full. Once your water begins to boil, you add corn on the cob, onion, sausage and potatoes. Doug likes to add a little "O-Bay Seasoning." I think he put in 1 tablespoon for every gallon of water. Once your corn and potatoes get soft and tender, add your shrimp. Since Nicholas is allergic to shrimp, we boiled the shrimp in a separate pot from the corn and potatoes. Normally, we would have added them in with the veggie mix. Doug knows how much I LOVE crab legs, so he added about 2 pounds with the shrimp. Everything was so GOOD!

We tried keeping the kids pinned up, but it didn't work.  Notice the jackets.  We had a very chilly Mother's Day with temps staying around the mid-60s.  The air was very cool!

Doug was getting on me because I wanted him to sit down, so I could get his picture with the group.  He and Jon celebrate the same birth-date ~ May 12th.  He and Jon had gifts to open.

Celebrating Mother's Day and Birthdays for Jon (16 years old) & Doug (42 years old)

Kids were acting goofy, so I had to get a picture.  Check out Colton in the background, June was holding him up.

Jon wouldn't let Leslie have a word in edgewise

Feel the Love

Susan's kiddos!

Tim & Susan with mom

Us girls with mom.  Only ones missing were Maryann and Sandy.  Maryann was gone to NC, visiting Ryan. Of course, Sandy lives miles away.  They were there in spirit.

Katie made this for me in school.  The photo was of me and her on our pumpkin patch hay ride.  We had lots of fun that day, but it was SOOO cold.  Memories, memories!  Katie's handprints have flowers coming out of the fingertips.  So precious!  And she was proud of this placemat. 

In the movie "The Blind Side," did you notice how the Tuohys always had their "Ole Miss" glasses in their hands all the time.  Doug and I noticed right off the bat how they REALLY supported their team.  We talked about how we needed to get some Bama glasses and show our support.  Well apparently Doug remembered our conversation and brought these home yesterday.  I love them! 

Prayer Request
I've had the opportunity to become friends with a very special lady, a few years back.  I can't mention any names right now, but she needs your prayers.  She let us know that she was just diagnosed as having Colon Cancer.  I have no idea what she might be going through emotionally or physically, I just can't imagine.  She will have to undergo surgery to remove the cancer, I don't know how much of her colon will be removed.  She will also have to go through Chemo as well.  Her doctors seem very optimist and her spirits are high.  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers that God will not only heal her disease, but lift her up and give her the strength to carry her through this ordeal. 

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!


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