Tuesday, May 4, 2010

In Conclusion . . .

Nashville Tragic Flooding
Now that the flood waters are receding and bodies are being discovered, reports are 17 people have died due to the flash flooding in Tennessee alone. A total of 30 deaths have been reported out of three states (KY, TN & MS). This is so awful to hear and to see the pictures makes you go numb. Those poor people! I just want to give them a hug and let them know that it will be alright. God is in control and this happened for a reason. We may not understand it fully, but it happened and we must accept the fact that it was in God's time.

Opryland Hotel reported they received $75 million in damages and will be closed for 3 to 6 months for repairs. I didn't post the picture, but I saw where the Titan's stadium was under water as well (not completely). It's reported, the storm dumped rain on Tennessee more than a foot from Saturday to Sunday, causing the rapidly rising flood waters in the middle of the night. Please keep these people in your prayers. I know they would appreciate it.

Colton's Teething AGAIN!
Okay, I've survived the molars coming through and now we have the canine teeth to make their appearance. Ugh! Poor baby was miserable yesterday, had a very tough time resting last night and had another rough day today. During prayer time, Katie remembered we were supposed to go to ballet today. She thought I forgot, but I had to explain to her about Colton not feeling well and running a slight fever. Please remember him in your prayers because he is just miserable and when your miserable, you don't feel like doing anything but laying around. I did get him to eat a little more today than yesterday, so that's good news.

Katie's Fright
Poor Katie had her first real fright today. I had her working in her workbook, while I went out to the storage building to air out some of the boxes full of clothes. I knew some of my clothes got a few sprinkles of rain on them from Saturday and wanted to make sure they dried completely before being stored away. I told Katie where I was going, if she needed me and that I would be right back. Apparently, he forgot or wasn't REALLY listening to me. A lady drove up and scared her to death. Bless her heart, she said she didn't know where I was and didn't know what to do. No matter how much you drill your kids, they really don't know the importance until it happens. She sort of forgot the rules, but I won't go into that. She came into the storage building with me and I knew right off the bat something was wrong. I guess she figured she would get into trouble. Once I got her settled down, she had been crying, she told me what happened. She described the lady to a "T", she even told me what her car looked like. I walked swiftly to the front of the house, but she had already left. Katie kept saying she was sorry because she forgot what to do. So, we went back over our rules. In a way, I'm glad she got a little scare. I know that sounds harse, but I'd rather her be scared of a small incedent like today than something very serious. I reviewed our rules and talks about people we don't know and what we are suppose to do. I drilled her a few times before I felt confident she knows what to do next time.

The lady came back later today. I remember her from the yard sale on Saturday. She wanted to know if I sold my Disney Crocs. I'm sorry, but this is Tuesday. The yard sale was on Saturday. Why would you even think that the shoes you should have gotten would still be available? By the way, Katie was correct on the I.D. After the lady left, Katie (all big eyed) was jumping up and down saying "that's her mom. What does she want? She doesn't want me, does she?"

Katie Reads Her First Book
While Colton was trying to get some rest, Katie and I sat down with her book "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" by Eric Carle. The first time she read it, I helped her a little (to get started). She pretty much memorized the book from the many many times I've read it to her. When she got the words correct, I made a very big deal about it. I guess it gave her confidence to read it again. This time, she told me she didn't need any help. If I corrected her or tried helping her, she'd get mad at me and tell me again that she could do it. I told her "I have no doubt that she could do it, but ya got to get the words correct." There were times where she wouldn't even look at the words. Memory! Oh well, I was told that is how they get started. She said she would read it every day, so we'll see. I've probably mentioned this before, but I'm planning on getting her the "BOB" books. I went to Books-a-Million the other day and they wanted $16.99 for "My first BOB books" set. Online at the same store, I could get it for $11.99. Go figure! Walmart sells the sets online as well, but I couldn't find them in the store. I looked both in the toy department, where they keep the books, and the book section. NOTHING! Walmart sells the sets for $11. So, I guess I'm buying them online.

Mother's Day Weekend
We are planning on having a Country Boil on Sunday for our mothers, Peggy and Jerry. We figure, we better get our fill of shrimp while we can right now. Shrimp prices are going to start getting higher and higher. In our boil, we like shrimp, sausage, potatoes and corn on the cob. (Yum, yum!) Not only will we be celebrating Mother's Day, but Doug and Jon will be another year older on the 12th of May. Doug-42 and Jon-16! I'm sure Doug appreciates me posting his age. Woo Hoo! Susan wants to try a new recipe for "Hershey's Chocolate Cake" and a sugar free dessert for Jon. I love chocolate, so I can't wait to try it.

So, what are your mother's day plans this weekend? I'd love to hear.

Susan Shout Out
I have to congratulate my big sister, Susan, for being inducted in the Winston County Schools Hall of Fame for her outstanding athletic ability. I remember in the day, she was very good in basketball. Now, she is being honored for her success. Love you Sue and I'm very proud of you!


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Laura said...

I bought the BOB books last week for Alise's birthday! I can't wait to give them to her because they are the exact words they've been studying in school!