Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Katie's School Year End Program 2010

I was so proud of Katie, she sang so loud to every song. She has her moments when it comes to singing aloud in public. I told her on the way to school this morning that Grandma Peggy and Paw-Paw Millard couldn't come, but I would tape it for them to see so she had to sing loud. Well, she lived up to my request. My mom and dad got to come and watch the program with me.

After her part was over, she got a little impatient because I promised her a Dairy Queen ice cream when it was over. While we were watching the music class perform and the Kindergarten graduate, she kept asking if it was over yet. Ugh! I was hoping she would get excited over Me-Me's sisters playing the violin. I would love it if Katie grew an interest in playing the violin or piano. All she would say is "yeah, I know." Apparently, she saw them perform quite a bit this year. Katie was so relieved when we got to leave. We all went to Dairy Queen for ice cream. Dad couldn't believe that I like to eat fries with my chocolate blizzard. HAHA! He said it didn't appeal to him.

Katie and her closest friend, "C"

The girls goofing around before the program
Little angels!
Katie getting ready to sing in front of everyone
Doug and I are so proud of Katie.  She has grown up so much this past year.  It's hard to believe that she will be 5 years old very soon.  She's enjoyed school this past year and will miss all of her friends and especially Mrs. Katie.  She told me this morning, she was sad to be leaving Covenant School; however, she's excited to be starting Kindergarten next August.  She asked me if it was Summer yet.  When I told her "yes,"  she asked me when is her party with her friends.  I guess I had better get prepared to be hearing this question for the next several days until the party. 


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