Thursday, September 30, 2010

Spirit Jugs and More

I finally got enough jugs to make our "Spirit Jugs" for Halloween. These were actually very easy to make. After drawing the faces on them, I cut little flaps on the back with an X-acto knife and inserted the clear Christmas lights. The directions called for 50-count, but I put in 20-count and I feel it was enough. Katie's mouth flew open when she first saw them on top of the entertainment center. She seems to really like them.

Colton's Caught A Cold
Both kids have been fairly sniffly since the big change in temperatures recently. Poor Colton's been fairly puny with what I call a low grade temperature of 99.3 degrees. Without drugs, all he wants to do is be held and grunt at everything. We are still trying to get him to talk. A few weeks ago, he would say "Pa-pa" and yesterday I got him to saying "bye-bye." So, there is hope yet.

This afternoon, I was so hoping Colton's temp would come down to normal and he would be feeling better after his nap.  No can do. So poor Peggy came to the rescue.  I really didn't want Katie to miss a day of ballet and I didn't feel Colton would do well waiting for sissy to get finished practicing.  Peggy was sweet enough to stay with him, while we were gone.  Thank goodness Colton took a long enough nap, in order for me to cook a huge pot of chili for supper.  As a thank you, I gave her and Millard a nice bowl full for tonight's supper and tomorrow's lunch.  She ate a bowl before she left this evening.  She seems to like my chili.  On top of Colton not feeling well, his humidifier was giving me fits.  Doug came to the rescue when he got home from work.  Things are always so simple for him.  He said all he had to do was reset it.  Ugh!  That's all.  I'm so hoping baby Colton will sleep better tonight than he did last night.  Bless his heart, I kept hearing him coughing and sneezing in the middle of the night.  It's just a thought, but I'm afraid he and Katie definitely have my genes.  I noticed the other day the beautiful golden rod and rag weed's a bloomin'.  I've been sneezing and coughing (scratchy throat) myself, but that's because of the WEEDS bloomin'.  Of course, the dust in the DRY air doesn't help either.  My poor babies!  I feel for 'em. 

Picture Special
Portrait Innovation has this special deal all the time, where you get the following pictures at a very low price $9.95, includes: 1- 10x13; 2- 8x10; 4- 5x7; 4- 3x5; 32 wallets for one pose.  The only difference in this special offer is you can get the CD and 6 personlized greeting cards for free.  Normally, you don't get this with this offer.  GREAT OFFER!  You can't pass this up.  I'm even tempted.  For more information, CLICK HERE!

Very Busy Month
The month of October is very busy for me.  I promised Katie that we would stop by the German Festival aka "Oktoberfest" this coming weekend.  When my nieces and nephews were little, they always loved going to the festival because of all the games, cake walks, jumping in the bounce house and etc.  I think Katie will enjoy it.  I also promised Katie that we would go through the Col. Kullmann museum.  For some odd reason, she really enjoys looking at everything in this museum.  Plus, we can't forget the famous "Haystack People."  The Haystack People marks the first day of Fall.  I'm hoping to get a few Fall pictures made this weekend as well.

Katie's class has a field trip to the zoo planned soon.  I am the "Field Trip Mom."  LOL!  I got my list the other day with all suggestions and phone numbers to contact parents.  As of this afternoon, I got everything lined up and organized.  You never know what will happen, when it comes down to it.

The school has a Fall Festival with loads of games, inflatables, and other fun lined up in the next couple of weeks.  Each class was responsible for their own gift basket to be auctioned off during the festival.  Our class' basket theme is "Christmas".  I've heard that it's got some really neat stuff in it.  I didn't sign up to help out just yet because it is scheduled during Katie's ballet class.  We'll have to wait and see because I have enough chaos in the evenings. 

Katie is invited to one of her friends' birthday party.  She is so excited because we don't get to see this friend that much and they will be having it at the local Gymnastics center, which means inflatables and tumbling mats.  YAY!  Katie went to a birthday party last year at this very place and loved it.  I've asked her if she would like to give ballet a break for awhile and take gymnastics.  Nope, she won't do it.  She loves her ballet!

Our Sunday School class has agreed to sponsor a birthday party for a local nursing home for 6 people (3 men and 3 ladies).  I get to go around and help gather up a few items to make someone's birthday special.  It is such a blessing to do something special like this, I just get all getty.

Lastly, I need to get ready for Halloween.  Our church has decided to have a Fall Festival again this year.  So, I've got to get lots of candy for the many booths.  Colton and Katie have their costumes for this year.  They tried them on the other day just to make sure they still fit.  Colton will be a pumpkin and I'm not too convinced that his stem hat will stay on.  He has his daddy's head after all.  Poor baby!  LOL!  Katie will be Thumbelina and looks fairy-ulous.

Great Finds
I've always had oily hair, so I hardly ever put moisturizer or conditioner in my hair.  Well like most women, my hormones have done some tricky things to me these past couple of years.  Especially after giving birth to my son, my hair has felt very dry (like hay) on the ends.  I've already been struggling with Katie's hair because hers is more dry and has lots of body in it.  These are things I'm not familiar with or have ever had to deal with. So like all hair issues, I went to my hair genie, Theresa.  She may have a sign above her station in the salon that she works, which reads: ". . . I can't create miracles."  Well, I think she can make miracles happen.  As soon as I told her my dilemma and all she said was "cyclicone" for hair.  She told me to get any hair product with the ingredient cyclicone.  Just apply a little on the ends of your hair and comb through.  I purchased Biosilk from Biolage hair products. 

Wow!  After towel drying my hair in the mornings, getting out of the shower, my hair is like a huge rat's nest.  As soon as I apply a small dab to the ends of my hair and pick it through, it calms down immediately.  The same thing for Katie's hair.  We've gone from tears (both me and her) to smiling faces and singing. 

Christmas Around The Corner
Can you believe there are only 85 days til Christmas? 
I know you probably don't want to hear about Christmas or thinking about Christmas shopping right now.  The only Christmas shopping I've done so far this year has been for Katie.  I've bought a few things for her just because I've stumbled across the items and it screams out KATIE.  Of course, I've mentioned the "Pinkalicious" doll from Walmart.  I think she will love it!  Now they have the "Fancy Nancy miniature dolls for $12 in stock, which I thought would make a great stocking stuffer.  Well, the other day I had to get Colton some new shoes (size 5 now).  I passed by the toy department on my way to the Halloween department and noticed this Angelina Ballerina doll . . .

I think she is adorable and I know Katie would love her because she is a big "Angelina Ballerina" fan. Then, I noticed the small (like Polly Pocket size) Angelina Ballerina playsets, including the dolls. PERFECT! I can't show you a picture because the ones I saved from Target doesn't want to show up, must be a security measure. Anyway, you'll have to go to Target's website in order to see the playsets HERE!!!!!!

I have a few ideas for Colton, but I haven't purchased anything yet.  He's main love it BALLS and I'm sorry, but there are enough footballs, baseballs, basketballs, large balls, small balls, super bouncy balls, and softballs with ball pit in our house.  NO MORE BALLS!  He also likes cars, trucks, and along that line.  I'm thinking about getting one of the "Chuck" playsets to go along with his Chuck vehicles.  He likes his jumbo Legos, so I thought about getting him more Legos.  This past week, he has shown interest in puzzles.  I've had a couple of Katie's old peg top puzzles out for him to play with, but received nothing.  So, they have been just laying in the entertainment center waiting for him to come play.  Well, Monday he decided to show some interest.  Once I showed him where to put them, he grasped ahold of it pretty good.  Now, he likes to take his puzzles apart and put back together, with help of course.   


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thekeyes said...

i love the spirit jugs they are soo cute. Also i'm glad you like biosilk. I'm suprised you have never tried it before. There are many different forms of it but i like biosilk the best. Some of the others work just as well though and are cheaper.