Saturday, July 30, 2011

Children Stories and Tred Barta

After a long day of cleaning, washing clothes, feeding children, changing diapers, chasing down Colton to get his clothes on for the day or keep him from ripping off his diaper (I'll tell you about this one later). Days like this I do not look my best. I have no makeup on my face, my hair is pulled up in a ponytail, I have mix matched dumpy clothes. At the end of the day, I'm tired, and I can't figure out what happened to my day. Do you know what makes it so worth it? When my babies attack me with hugs and kisses, telling me how much they love me.

As you know I've been making a few ribbon trees for a baby shower for my niece, Whitney. Okay, I'm suppose to make three trees as part of the decorations. We have two finished, but I still have one more to make. I ran out of ribbon, so I've been visiting Hobby Lobby lots the past few weeks. Tonight was no different. When I visited HL the first of the week to pick up some more ribbon, they were out of the brown ribbon that I had been using. Thinking I would have plenty at home, I decided not to purchase a different kind of brown ribbon. Well today as I'm working on the tree, I was running out of the brown ribbon fast and I came to a conclusion that I can't do without the brown. What do I do? Hobby Lobby here I come again. Katie heard that I was going, so she wanted to tag along. She won't admit it, but she LOVES HL. They have a nice supply of Webkins BOOS, which is what she loves to collect now. She's also trying out a few of their craft kits. I got tickled as we got there because Katie out of the blue asked me why I've been going to Hobby Lobby so much lately. It's just the way she said it, as if she was embarrassed to be going into HL again with me. I asked her if she was tired of going, she said "well, yeah." (saying it with attitude) LOL! She changed her tune when I let her buy a craft.

Colton is such a darn cutie. I love two year olds, they are so much fun. If children were not so darn expensive to take care of and if I had more patience, I would love to have another one. When I said this tonight, Doug spoke up and said, "I don't know about that." I told him, "I said, if I have more patience." LOL! Colton with his little cherub face announced to me that he broke my laptop tray. I have a tray that helps vent my laptop when it's sitting on a table or in my lap. Doug said Colton was jumping around on the bed and stepped on the tray. He said he heard a crack, but didn't see anything wrong. I've already had a small crack it in, but I didn't see anything else. Colton all concerned kept saying, "I broked it, I broked it. It okay, you get another one." HAHA! It's amazing how kids automatically say, "it's okay just buy another one." As if money grew in the back yard. LOL! He is so sweet. Even if he had broke my tray, I would have a hard time discipling such an angel. So instead, he jumped on my belly and we laughed at each other making silly noises and faces. LOL!

Tomorrow, Whitney, Natalie and Maryann are coming over after Whitney's baby shower that her mother-in-law is hosting. We will go through some of Colton's baby clothes and stuff that she and Maryann would like to borrow or buy off of us. For some reason Doug doesn't find this exciting, so he will be hanging out with his buddy Chuck. I think Colton would rather be hanging with the men as well. (hint) I'm hoping to get the tree finished by tomorrow. Pray for me.

As soon as I finish this project, I've got to get started on Katie's paper globes that she wants to hang from her ceiling in her room. Colton was getting upset because Katie picked out her girlie paper and he didn't get to pick out paper. I know he is only two years old, but some times he doesn't act it. Right off the bat, he grabbed basketball scrapbook paper and wouldn't let me put it back. Ugh! It doesn't cost much to make a paper globe and I've learned what I do for one, I have to do for the other. Colton and I picked out baseball and football paper to go with the basketball. He said he liked it. After these projects, I've got a few other crafts for Thanksgiving. It's our year to host Thanksgiving and I want to make paper cornucopias, filled with goodies to hang on the back of the chairs. I'm finally going to get a Giving Tree prepared for display this year. I've been wanting to make one now for three years and something always comes up and I forget to make them. I also want Katie to make Pom-Pom Turkeys to decorate the table. I think I've got maybe a couple Halloween projects bookmarked to make this year. I just went overboard last year with the Halloween crafts and I don't want to go crazy this year.

Now, I have to tell this Colton story. I've bought Colton the Pull-Ups and we have a potty seat for Colton to start his potty training. I told myself that I'm not going to drive myself crazy (pulling my hair out) like I did trying to train Katie. I started training with her at 18 months and she wasn't potty trained until well after her third birthday. She was that hard headed and stubborn. I have a feeling and I might be wrong, Colton is ready to train. He has shown me signs that he is ready and today was no different. I was fixing my hair when I heard Doug say, "he's taking off his diaper. He's going down the hall. Mom cut him off at the pass." Colton did have his diaper completely undone, but he was telling me that he pee-peed. I didn't get too excited, especially if it was just pee. Right? That is until I looked down the backside. Oops! There is more than just pee-pee in this diaper. Keep in mind, Colton was trying to take the diaper completely off as he is heading to his bedroom where his diapers are kept. I had a hand holding both the front and back end of the diaper, trying to keep it on him until we could get to his room. He knows to lay down on his special rug, so I can change his diaper. He went straight to the rug and just in time I must say. Before bedtime, I had him sit on the potty before getting on his jammies.

Finally, I have to say that Doug and I were surprised to find out that Tred Barta "The Best and Worst of Tred Barta Show" is paralized. Doug was surfin' the channels when he came across Tred Barta show on Versus HD channel. During the Fall and Winter months we use to like watching his show. Like he explains in his intro at every beginning of the show, he loves to fish and hunt and he does it the hard way. He lives in Colorado on his ranch "Longbow." From what I understand, Barta had a trip booked to Alaska. Before he had the opportunity to go, his legs began to fill numb. It wasn't long, he reported that he couldn't move his legs at all. He was rushed to a Denver Hospital. It was here where he found out later that he has a rare blood cancer, which caused him to have a spinal stroke. The stroke caused him to become paralized from the waist down. The doctors sent him off for cancer treatments, but his wife could see that it was getting to be too much for him. He became depressed and not himself, so she got him out of there and took him back home to Longbow Ranch. From there, he has made a challenge to continue doing the things that he loves the most "hunting and fishing the hard way" from a wheelchair. He calls it his new adventure. He hopes to inspire other parapledics to get out of bed and continue doing what they love the most and keep living life to the fullest. I don't know exactly when the injury occurred, but online reports are dated around May 2009. For more information, Click Here.


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