Saturday, July 23, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Baby Girl!

Happy 6th Birthday

As you know, Katie hosted a slumber party last night as part of her birthday.  I have no clue as to what time the girls FINALLY went to sleep.  I heard the clock chime, announcing that it was officially 1:00 am.  Yes, in the morning!  I could still hear the girls laughing and talking and I didn't hear anymore clocks going off again after that, so I must have passed out soon after. 

This morning, Doug and I began stirring around 8:00 am.  After I got my shower, I couldn't believe my ears.  I heard the girls talking and giggling.  I just knew they would hang in there until 10:00 am.  I got the breakfast food out on the table, but the girls were not all that hungry until a little later.  Doug shamed me on the breakfast selection.  He expected me to scrabble eggs, cook some bacon, the whole nine yards.  He doesn't know girls too well.  Boys may eat this early in the morning, but not necessarily little silly giggly girls.  I set out cereal, two types of donuts, and strawberry pop tarts.  Doug made some bacon and set out on the table, but I don't think any of the girls touched it.  It wasn't long, the girls' mamas began showing up and heading home.  Out of all the stuff the little girls brought, we only lost "J's" hair bow.  We looked and looked, it's like it just disappeared in thin air.  I've still got my eyes open for it. 

Beings today is the special birthday for Katie, Doug and I spent most of the day with our first born.  As Katie would call it . . . Today was "the day of Katie."  We headed to the FunZone, in hopes to drive Go Carts, but their double carts were out of commission.   Katie being her worried self, asked "what do we do now?"  We stopped by the movie theater to see what would be on today.  We got to see "Cars 2" in 3D and I think it was worth the money.  It was pretty funny and Katie really liked it.  She enjoyed doing a little shopping with us.  One of our locally owned shop, Monograms Plus, had a lot of Hello Kitty products in their clearance room.  Katie and I had fun looking through the stuff.  You would have thought she won the lottery, her hands digging inside the boxes of Hello Kitty stuff.  I ended up getting her for a couple of dollars each, HK necklace, HK ice popicle molds, HK impression rubber ice cube tray, HK bath softeners, and HK sports bottle.  As we were checking out, Katie picked out a Vera Bradley suitcase on wheels.  It was pretty and BIG.  She told her daddy that she really wanted it because it could carry all of her stuff.  LOL!  He asked me how much it would cost.  Well, knowing VB and I noticed the teflon tag on the baggage, I knew it was going to expensive.  I thinking maybe a couple hundred.  Nope.  Doug looked at the price tag and had Katie put it back.  HAHA!  I had to know and he told me $300.  LOL!  Baby girl's got taste.  Very. expensive. taste.  To end the day, we did a little furniture shopping.  Our magazine rack acts like it's about to fall apart.  It's so bad, Colton likes to sit on the top and rock it back and forth.  Guess what?  We got a new magazine/side table and Colton's not allowed to sit on the top of it.  PERIOD.  We needed a chest in Colton's room and I think we got a fairly good deal on one.  I was so excited that I ended up with two empty drawers.  YAY!

To end the night, Katie, Colton and I went through the things she got for her birthday.  I think Doug and I got most of the clothes for her.  The other two outfits, she tried on to make sure that they fit.  They looked so sweet on her.  She received two board games from my mom and dad.  You have to understand that Katie's not a good sport when it comes to playing games of any kind.  Doug blames me for letting her won most of the time, when we play games.  My intensions were that I had hoped that it would instill confidence in her.  I guess I was wrong.  Well, she wanted to play her new "Operation" and "Sorry" games tonight.  She got a little mad at me and wanted to cheat a little, but it wasn't too terrible.  We even did one of the crafts, she received, together.  Allison - she loved the sticky mosiac!  I will have to get her more of these.  I never knew they existed, FUN.  She's already got us making bracelets tomorrow.  HAHA! 

I would say that Katie had a superb birthday. 


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Anya had such a good time and she told me she ate 2 pieces of bacon so Doug did good! :) The sticky mosaics were at Hobby Lobby near the coloring books! Arwen picked that out I think! Did you check your purse for J's hairbow??? I saw it in there when we were at Air It Out??? Thank you again for including Anya, she had a great time!