Friday, July 22, 2011

Katie's Tangled Slumber Party

Eventhough Katie's birthday isn't until tomorrow, we celebrated it today with her little friends. After thinking and talking about it for the past few months, she really wanted some friends to spend the night. The only thing, she wanted to invite every single friend she has. Yeah, that's a lot of people and I don't know half their parents. So, we came to an agreement. She would invite four friends. I would take them to Air It Out at FunZone and they could have a slumber party.

I hate the fact that I forgot my camera when we went to Air It Out. If you're not familiar with AIO, it's a building filled with inflatables that they kids can play on in air conditioning. YAY! Thank goodness my friend, Allison, brought her camera and took a few pictures for me. THANK YOU ALLISON! Your my angel. I paid for the girls to play for an hour, so I was shocked when they were ready to go before time was up. They played so hard, I guess they were wiped out. 

I invited family members to meet us at the house for cake and ice cream. Katie was so happy to see almost everyone here, waiting on her. She was too excited to do the cake and ice cream, so we went straight to the gifts. YAY! I just had Katie sit in the floor, over to the side and the little ones sat around her. Can you say CHAOS?!? It was fun, but I have no clue as to who gave her what because she was going through everything so quick. The gifts were passed around from person to person and I never really got to check everything out. I guess that's what tomorrow is for. LOL!

The girls are absolutely loving the slumber party. We've had some role playing, dancing, singing, playing "Operation" and we are ending the night by watching "Tangled" and going through their goody bags. HAHA! We'll see how late they actually stay up. 

Happy 6th Birthday Katie!

Blowing out the candles

We put the inflatable mattress and Katie's twin bed mattress in the floor.  We wanted to make sure there was enough room for everyone.  The next challenge was "who's going to sleep next to Katie?" 

As you can see, Katie got in the middle and J sleeps on the good mattress. 

The girls jumping around and dancing to music

It's a Jam-ma Party!


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