Friday, July 1, 2011

Our Day Trip 2011

Doug and I searched the internet, talked about the past vacation spots and decided to stay close to home. We've been wanting to take Katie to the McWane Center for quite some time.

So . . .

We finally made it to McWane Science Center with Katie and Colton.  They had a blast! It's a total of 4 stories high.  Filled with fun, laughs and educational experiences.  The lower level is the aquarium, which includes a petting pool.  Katie couldn't contain herself when she got to touch a bonnethead shark and a stringray. 

I had to take a picture of Katie sticking her head inside this Large Mouth Bass.  Too funny!

Level 1
You can make very large bubbles, all sorts of science experiments, gift shop and art studio.  Katie and Colton loved playing in the playground, which included pretend play in a large plastic submarine, planting a garden, make music.  Colton's favorite was playing in the water.
I'm lying on a bed of nails.  Check out Katie touching the nails.

A pully system, where the kids can pull themselves up.

Colton and Katie really like the pully too.  Of course, I had to help Colton pull himself up. 

I just knew a time or two that Colton would end up inside the water thing.
Level 2
We got to see dinosaur bones and the kids liked digging in the pit.  Colton is a dinosaur fan, so when he saw the exhibit, he wanted to touch them in the worst way.  They had a mock weather studio with radar screens, green background and everything.  Katie liked playing the virtual games with a small group of kids. 

Virtual soccer

Level 3
There goes Katie

Colton spinning the earth's waters
I believe the zip line was on the third floor.  Katie said the long line to the zip line was well worth the wait.  After the zip line, we went through a large maze.  I had Katie lead the way.  Oh my goodness.  She was so lost.  As soon as we discovered that we just made a circle, Katie said "oh, I know which way to go".  It was fun. 
Despite the building full of people, it was so worth the money and time.  As we were leaving the building, Doug asked Katie which museum did she like the best - Earlyworks or McWane Science Center?  Earlyworks still holds her heart by far. 

Our little day trip wasn't over, we head over to Leeds, Alabama.  Doug wanted to go to Bass Pro Shop.  I hardly ever buy anything there, but I enjoy walking around and looking at everything.  However, this time I bought Colton a pair of camo overalls for this Fall/Winter.  He is going to look so cute, I can't wait to try them on him.  I wanted to get him a hat and hunting boots to match, but he didn't like the hat and they didn't have boots to fit his feet.  Daggum it! 

Lastly, we spent the rest of our day at The Shops of Grand River.  Oh, I love this place!  I don't know when I'll have the next opportunity to get over here, so I took this chance to do a little school clothes shopping for Katie.  Wow!  We hit this place at a great time.  The Children's Place had t-shirts for $6 and Katie picked out a couple of headbands for $.99.  But Gymboree was the hot spot.  I still can't believe that they didn't have a crowd of people in there.  There were several bins full of clothes, all sizes for $.99 and up.  I hit the jackpot!  I got Colton and Katie lots of Fall outfits.  Katie hates long sleeves, so I didn't get too many.  Besides, it's a long time before it gets real cold here.  Carter's didn't have very many Fall outfits on sale yet, but the clerk told me to wait another month or two.  I may have to take a special trip. 

Before I end this post, I have to share this video. Guess what they are advertising? Too funny! This commercial was shared with us by a friend.

Y'all have a wonderful 4th of July!


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Malorie said...

We LOVE the McWane Center!! SO much fun! Looks like y'all had a blast