Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Check It Out

Y'all have to check this out!

A friend of mine has an online business, "RiffRaff and Butterbean". She specializes in making rag wreath for that special occasion. Angela has given me her blessing to feature her in my "Check It Out" edition.
I love my wreath! RTR! If you're not a Bama (I don't know why not), she also makes other collegiate to suit you.

I first met Angela when Doug and I moved next door to her homestead 16 years ago this November. We've been blessed to get to know her and her adorable parents. Since that time, she's married a respected man and gave birth to W. W is good friends with my daughter. Angela is so talented and creative, which is what brings us here today. I knew she dabbled a little in crafts, but nothing like this until last Christmas. Her and her mom, Mrs. Evelyn, gave Doug and I one of these beautiful Bama wreaths. You probably remember seeing a picture of it at Christmas time. The plaques are wooden and all hand painted. 
Here are some examples of the divided families

Professional Football Editions

Everyday Personalized Wreaths for the front door

All of her orders are custom made just for you.  In order to get in touch with Angela and RiffRaff and Butterbean, Click Here to get access to her Facebook page. She would be glad to give you a quote and answer any questions, you might have.  Be sure and tell her that you heard about her right here. 

All wreath photos are from RiffRaff & Butterbean


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Malorie said...

I'm loving these!!! Guess I know what craft project I'll be doing soon! :)