Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Animal Print Ribbon Trees

A while back I posted that y'all needed to stay tuned to the animal print ribbon trees, I will be making for my niece's baby shower and evenually her nursery.

Natalie called me this morning to see if she could come over and help me with the ribbon trees. Y'all they turned out exactly the way I had hoped they would. We worked most of the day and finished two out of three trees. They were simple to make, as long as you can put up with the burnt fingertips from the hot glue. LOL! Natalie and I walked away with our battle scars and are very pleased with our creation.

Now I know the professional crafters would sew their ribbons, but I don't have a sewing machine.  Not yet anyways.  HAHA! 

Natalie guessed that we ended up using approximately 2 rolls of ribbon per tree. Now I know that you're probably scratching her head thinking that you see more than 2 different types of ribbon in these trees.  Well, you're right.  I used 5 different patterned and solid rolls of ribbon - giraffe, zebra, leopard, black, and brown.  Natalie cut the ribbon at 4 1/2"; fold the cut ribbon in half - put a little hot glue on the ribbon and fuse together, making a loop.  You want to leave room at the ends of the ribbon to spread them apart, put a little hot glue and stick it on the styrofoam.  Some of the ribbon, we just folded long ways and cut at an angle on each end, to make it look forked on each end; I placed a little glue in the middle of the ribbon and stick it on the styrofoam to where the ribbon ends would stick out.  This project is a little time consuming, but so worth it. 
I painted the pot to resemble a tiger print.  The trunk of the tree is a 1/4" dowel pin, painted black.  Natalie and I were talking about how pretty the trees would be if you add a few feathers. 

Natalie and I enjoyed each others visit so much.  I wish we could more things like this more often, but I know she has her life (work, school and love life). 

Unfortunately, we ran out of ribbon.  So on to Hobby Lobby tomorrow.  YAY!  I told Natalie that I will just take my time getting the last ribbon tree done.  We went ahead and did all the painting and prepping for the last tree, we just need more ribbon to get it finished.  I'm so glad to have most of my work completed.  



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You girls did a fantastic job!! Love the ribbon trees!!

Anonymous said...

I Love them you did a great job, this is exactly what I'm looking for. Can't wait to make one