Monday, July 11, 2011

Prayer Request

I would like to take this time to ask for your prayers. Please remember the following people in your prayers:
  • My uncle Roger has been having medical problems.  He and my aunt Sherry were visiting his family in Virginia when he began to find blood in his urine.  He also has been complaining (not too much) about being out of air.  After tests were done apparently in VA, his doctor in Texas called and told him to get home.  He has an enlarged spleen, which is pressing on his lungs causing him to only receive 80% oxygen.  Of course, my aunt Sherry is worried because according to the Mayo Clinic online, it lists that this enlarged spleen could be caused by either an infection, liver disease or cancer.  They came by here on their way home the other day.  You could tell Roger wasn't feeling very well.  I believe they will begin additional testing this week or next. 
  • My cousin, Trish, has MS and it appears that she is beginning the later stages of her disease.  She has been fighting this disease bravely for several years and in fact her children doesn't know anything about her being sick.  Well, it sounds like her muscles are beginning to give way.  Aunt Sherry said she's having difficulty walking on one of her legs. 
  • I'd like to congratulate my niece, Liz, and her husband, Nolan, on finding out that they will be expecting their 4th child.  Liz has problems carrying a pregnancy to term, so please keep her in your prayers.  Shew!  She has much more patience than I with children to have 4 kids. 
Thanks my little Prayer Warriors!  Love y'all!  

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