Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Chicken Dish

I believe I've stumbed upon something really good and easy. I'm sure it's been done. I just have never done it before and I don't know what to call it. Here is what I did.

Roasted Chicken
Whole Young Fryer
1/3 bottle Big Bob Gibson's White Sauce

I cut up the chicken in pieces (bones in). I don't care for the backside of the chicken, so I filleted it the best I could. There is never enough meat on the back. 

Allow the meat to marinade in the white sauce for at least 2 hours. I used Big Bob Gibson's famous white sauce. It is so good.

Place the chicken on a pan roaster and cook on 350 degrees for approximately 1 1/2 hours. It depends on the size of the chicken and if you keep the bones in. Just stick a fork in the thickest part. If it slides in with ease, it should be done. Professional chefs would frown at me because I like to cut a slit in the breast meat to double check if the meat is white. 

I pretty much left the meat alone while it cooked. When I took the chicken out of the ziploc, the marinade stayed on the meat real well. So, I didn't have to baste like I thought I would. When my time was up, the meat was nice and golden. I like the nice golden look on the skin because when you bite into the meat that nice crispy crunch. Oh, the juices ran when I took my first bite. Yum! Remember to spray the roasting pan with cooking spray or you will have a mess on your hands. Yuck!

S was over, so I really didn't have time to sauteed my squash and zuccini. I just boiled them in flavored bouillon, salt, pepper and BUTTER. I absolutely LOVE Bush's Grillin' baked beans. My favorite is the Steakhouse recipe. Yum! Doug is not much for baked beans, so it's seldom I get to eat my Steakhouse recipe.   Tonight was seldom.  I believe I saw Doug with a couple of spoon fulls on his plate.  LOL! 

S stayed for a sleepover tonight.  It's nearly 11PM and I'm thinking it was a big mistake.  Either Katie got a finger to the eye from S.  They bump heads or hitting the walls, causing noises, or Katie's 1 minute of sleep nightmare.  I guess that's the whole idea of a sleepover.  Normally, we only agree on sleepovers if it's on a Friday or Saturday.  We made an exception tonight because as you know S is moving up north Saturday. 

Speaking of nightmares.  I believe Katie is throwing the nightmare card a little too often.  I can hear her laughing or talking in her bedroom and not 30 seconds later, here she comes crying to me saying that she had a nightmare.  Ugh!  Bottomline, I think there's not enough light in her room for her to feel comforted.  She doesn't like the dark and one of her nightlights was perfect to light up the whole room, but not too much.  Doug insists on using one of the desk lamps that was already by the computer as her nightlight.  He's a man; therefore, he doesn't understand that she's scared of the dark.  We packed away the princess lamp, but I'm considering digging it back out.  A little while ago, she agreed with me and doesn't feel there is enough light in her room.  Now, she has two lights on in her room.  I just hope the girls can sleep with all that light. 

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The Keyes Family said...

lilly has become scared of the dark too. it's sad really. She comes crying out of her room telling me " i scared. too dark" just about every night and even with a night light she begs to keep the lights on. Allan isn't too thrilled and tells her we can leave the hall light on. poor kido's but i remember the feeling. In fact i wouldn't say i'm scared of the dark but when allan works nights i usually leave the tv on and when he is here it's off.. so i guess it's just comforting to have some light and a little noise.