Thursday, April 19, 2007

Calling All Sanjaya Fans!

Listen up all you Sanjaya fans that were recently crushed when he was so surprisingly voted off the American Idol competition. You now have a chance to cherish the moments by purchasing your very own "Sanjaya Checkbook Cover." Yes, you heard me eBay is now auctioning an "Sanjaya Checkbook Cover." Check it out:

If the checkbook cover just won't do it for you. You need some sort of reminder of his unique and awesome hair, maybe a drawing of Sanjaya will help. You have your chance to get one on auction right now!

I'm actually tempted to purchase this T-shirt -

I don't know anyone who would want this:

There are lots more (believe it or not) where this came from. Just look it up on eBay under "Sanjaya."

Bid on!

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