Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ebaying Machine!

Yes, I've admitted a while back that I have an addiction to eBay and don't want help. tehe! My nephew got the bug as well and I helped him last weekend to get a couple of video games (for his PlayStation that he didn't have yet). tehe! Sorry, Nic but that's funny! I also have this problem about being a follower. I don't mean to be, but it does happen from time to time. Alise's birthday is coming up in May. In Laura's blogs she has mentioned from to time to time what items she is looking for and what items she did get. I just can't help it, but it gets my motor running and excited about planning Katie's party. Please note, her birthday is not until the end of July. I think I've got plenty of time to plan a small family party. She's not in daycare, so she doesn't have any real friends other than her friends from church that she sees once a week. Call me crazy, but I don't think that's enough time together to consider an automatic invite to a party. I fear what goes through the parents' mind is "all she wants is a gift," which is further from the truth. Anyways, I've been looking for best buys and themes for her party. Last year, I wanted to get her a air blown Birthday Cake that says "Happy Birthday" on it, but I never got around to getting it. So, this year I'm bound and determined to get it. It's very general for Birthday parties, so I could use it every year for anyone. Believe me, it will be used a lot! Watch out Birthday People! I've been seeing these birthday cakes listed on eBay and I've got one on watch. The bid should end in the next couple of days, so I'm excited! I really hope I'll be able to get it at a decent price. Tonight I won a bid for Katie's Birthday Dress. I know, I originally planned for her to wear one of her smocked dresses. I really liked this dress! It's a sleeveless, coral, white polka dots and accented with balloons and you can place the #2. At first, I wasn't going to go over a specific amount, but Doug really liked it as well and he gave me the green light to get it. When you give me the green light, I can be dangerous even down to the very few seconds in a bid. Most of the time, I am the winner. I love DSL, plus my fast finger typing! tehe! I think she'll look so sweet in this dress! I would show you a picture, but it was taken off the eBay site. I'm going to have her pictures made from "Scrappy Frogs Photography" this year. I saw a lot of their proofs last year and really liked it, I kind of wished we had used them last year.

I want to thank Laura again for suggesting the Lion Silly Sac for Katie. She told me in an email that Alise loves hers and to be perfectly honest I had forgotten about the Silly Sacs. When I was first introduced to them by Laura a while back, I was on fire for them. The problem was I liked them all and I didn't want to spend that kind of money and Katie not like the one I purchased. So I quickly lost interest. I think I mentioned in one of my past blogs how much Katie has taken an interest to Lions. At first, I thought it was a particular movie "The Wizard of Oz." Come to find out, any time she sees a real or fake lion she goes crazy. The girl likes anything with lions in it. What can I say? In one of the independent shops in the old part of town, there is a toy store and it has a huge stuffed lion by the door that is accompanied by a huge Cheetah and Giraffe. I think they cost around $300.00 each. In fact, everything in this toy store is pretty pricey. When Katie first noticed the animals, she was scared but excited to see them (her eyes all big). It took her a couple of tries for her to pet the Lion. Oh, she loves it and hates to leave; therefore, we don't go in this toy store much. Anyways, Laura suggesting that I get Katie the Lion Silly Sac, which encouraged me to look into it further. I knew some sellers sold the Stephen Joseph products on eBay, so I thought I would check it out. What luck? All I can say is the Lord wanted Katie to have this sack. I found only one Lion Silly Sac new with tag up for auction. According to the seller, she was going out of business and she had only one Silly Sac. I think there were still 3 days left on the bid and only one bid. Afraid Katie wouldn't like it, I let her see a picture of it and her eyes lit up with this big grin on her face. "Lion, lion!" She said. I don't know if she understood what I was asking, but I asked her if she would like to have the Lion. "Uh, huh!" She said. I waited to the last day and won the bid at an incredible price. I couldn't hardly believe it and the Lion is so cute. I would show you a picture, but eBay has taken it off the site. Laura said Alise has to take her Silly Sac everywhere with her. I hope Katie will be the same way. If she's not, I won't feel so bad because we didn't spend that much on it.

Relative News
I got a note from my Great-Aunt Mary during the Easter Holidays. She sounds like she is doing good. I try to send her pictures of Katie as much as I possibly can because she lives so far away. It was so sweet, she sent me this card with birds on it because she hoped Katie would like the birds on it. I need to try to be more like my Grandma Annie and write more to my elderly relatives (aunts/uncles). I have to stop and remind myself that they don't have computers to keep in touch.

Today, I got a note from Great-Aunt Virginia. Wow! She has always been a fireball, always doing something and going somewhere. I thought at her age, she would slow down a little. Even now that she is a widow, I honestly feel she does more now than when Uncle Tom was alive. She told me, she is very active with her church and community. She said it was a lot better than sitting at home and dwindling away. I sure wished, Dad and Mom would get more involved with their church and community. It might get their mind off of a lot of stuff that they shouldn't be worrying over. For instance, we had a storm yesterday that caused our electricity to go out for A WHILE. I turned on the scanner and it sounded like the whole city was without power. As soon as I heard that I thought I would call Mom & Dad and check on them. They didn't know the rest of the city was without power, so the first thing out of Mom's mouth was "Is it a terrorist attack?" Hopefully, she was just kidding but she's been on this whole "we're under a terrorist attack," since all the dog food on the store shelves were recalled. I forbid her yesterday to watch anymore FOX news (she is a faithful watcher).

Uncle Bob's flight came in Tuesday night and is staying with Mom & Dad. I don't know how long he will be staying, I know he is excited for Saturday. Mom, Dad & He are going to a Gaither's concert Saturday, which was his main reason for coming here. He is so crazy! From what I understand, Aunt Nell is still hanging on. According to Bob, she still isn't taking care of herself and not doing what the doctors tell her to do. I talked to Mom for a little bit tonight and it sounds like they are having a good time. I haven't been able to visit with him because Katie hasn't felt too good this week. All day yesterday she ran a fever between 101-102 degree temp and very clingy to her Mommy. I don't think it's viral, but either her 2 yr old molar or sinus drainage. She has really been drooling lately and unusual chewing on her fingers and toys, which makes me think it's the teeth. The only thing that throws up the red flag is the high temps. Thankfully, she hasn't had a high temp all day, but still clingy. I couldn't hardly get anything done this afternoon with her wanting me to hold her and watch movies, which is alright every once in a while. But why did it have to be today. There was so much I had to do - wash windows, vacuum, vacuum seal her outgrown clothes and put away, wash dishes, get all Easter decor centered in one area for easy put away, dust the Living Room, Dining Room and Bedroom, clean out the magazine rack and lots more. I've been trying to wash my floors for a few days now. They need it so bad! If I do anything tomorrow, I've got to get these disgusting floors washed. Anyways, we hope to visit with Uncle Bob before he leaves.

Saturday, we are suppose to go to Jon's game, but now I don't know if we'll be able to go. On the radar, it is showing a line of strong storms headed this way by Saturday. Surely, they will call off the game and not put these kids and their family at risk during these storms. Well, if we don't go to the game, I guess we will spend a peaceful day at home.

Take care and God Bless You!


Laura said...


Laura said...

Mirya! Your blog made me laugh out loud! The comments about your mom cracked me up! Bless her heart, I'm not picking on her, but I just couldn't help but laugh! I needed that today! Have a good weekend! Give Katie a hug from Alise!