Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Finally - America Got It Right!

Finally, Sanjaya is on his way home. I don't mean to sound mean, but this kid isn't very good. Weeks ago, there have been much better singers voted off when it should have been Sanjaya. I wouldn't be surprised if it was really the American Idol Executives secretly removing Sanjaya from the show. I will have to say he was unique, but not when it came to singing. Doug was hoping it was Phil, who would get voted off. He said that he can't stand how he wears his hats, off to the side of his head. Doug is so sad Sanjaya got voted off. Such a sad day! tehe! The American Idol website showed Phil had the highest votes this week. I was shocked that Jordin or Melinda wasn't the highest. I felt they did a great job last night.

I'm sure you know about the Virginia Tech massacre. I can't fathom how someone could possibly think that way and be so sick, mentally, to have everything planned so well. Have you seen the video that NBC got a hold of? How he could say he was dying like Jesus Christ. What? What makes me mad is this wackjob was screaming for help a long time ago and people dismissed him as being weird. He left so many signals that people would not step up and address the matter. According to one of his professors, she was extremely concerned about his way of thinking and attitude that she reported his behavior to authorities. The authorities replied saying they couldn't do anything about it. What? You know we all have to be Politically Correct that no one is to suspect someone of possibly doing such a crime. Even if they have been turning in their assignments that have been so disturbing and twisted writings. It is so sad and hopefully all institutions will take this example seriously and put a plan in place for future wackjobs on college/school campus'. Please keep the victims, victims' family and friends in your prayers. Sometimes it can be so hard to understand why this has to happen.

Guess what? I won the bid for the air blown 7' "Happy Birthday" cake. We bought this blow up for Katie's birthday. I think we got it at a very good price and it's suppose to be NIB (new in box). It will probably be a week before I get it. I'm so excited to get this blow up. Now I can breathe a lot easier. I have no idea as what theme to go with for her party. She's never been to some one's birthday party, so she doesn't know what I'm talking about when I ask her what kind of party those she want. All she says is "Uh, huh." I probably will wait a little bit and take her to Party City and let her choose between all her favorite characters as to what theme to go with. We've got the party flag, mailbox cover, dress, and outside blow up, we are doing good.

Alright, we have come to the excessive climbing stage. One day last week, I caught Katie sitting on the top of her changing table. I thought she was using her stool and other items to climb up, so I took them away from her. According to Peggy, she caught her climbing up the table without using her stool. She stopped her when she reached the second shelf. We haven't come up with a safe way to prevent her from climbing up the table. I've told Doug the only conclusion is taking the table down. The only bad thing about it is I use the table for storage as well. I have also caught her trying to climb over the baby bed. I know I said I wanted to get her in her twin bed by her second birthday, but it might be a little sooner than I thought. If you haven't seen little Katiebug in a while, she has really shot up. She is wearing 24 month pants now because the 18 months are way too short on her. They are so short, they look like they should be capri pants. The 24 month pants are a little long on her, but surprisingly they fit in the waist pretty good. Thankfully, Summer is right around the corner and she can wear her shorts and not worry about how long they are.

Okay, are there any "House" fans out there? I am a faithful "House" TV program fan. I love it! It is so funny and you never know what is going to happen next - off the wall diagnosis. Who checked out last night? The daddy was making his kids sick because his "male enhancement" cream was being transferred to his children just by him touching them. I realize this is TV, but can that really happen. Oh, my gosh! I'm sorry because this can be a very serious situation, but it is so funny. I know I'm sick and twisted.

Today, I read some interesting information from my new Better Homes & Gardens magazine regarding healthy lawns. If you already know this, go ahead and skip this section. They suggest to avoid dead lawns during the Summer to go ahead, right now, and set your mowing deck level to 2 or 3. This setting will keep your lawn from dying during drought season and will help choke out the weed problem. I knew about setting your mowing deck to 2 during the Summer for the drought problem, but I didn't know you needed to start doing that now and I definitely didn't know about the weeds. That's good to know!

If you would like to win a chance to visit Italy, go to website and register. I did! I would love to have the chance to see Italy. According to the site, if you win, you will go on a 8 day guided tour for two people through Rome, Florence & Tuscany. This tour also includes a tour through Olive Garden's Culinary Institute in Tuscany. Wow! You can sign up everyday for a better chance to win. Good Luck!

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