Saturday, April 21, 2007

Family Day Weekend

Millard and Peggy came by to pick up the lawn mower to change the blades and they gave Katie a play lawn mower that blows bubbles. It took some work, but we got it blowing bubbles. Will came over for a little bit after his T-Ball game. Katie and he had a good time playing outside. Will wanted to go in our house for a little while, but Katie didn't want that to happen. She was standing at the door telling Will "Outside, Will, outside!" We packed up and headed to the park. There was a few ball games going on, so there were a few kids at the park. Katie had a blast; however, Doug and I were beginning to get concerned about her doing everything the "big" kids were doing. There was another Katie, approx. 10 or 11 years old, and her siblings playing on the playground. She and her little brother, Curtis, took up with our little Katie. I got to talking to the kids and they seemed real nice. Curtis, 6 years old, reassured me he would take care of Katie for me. At one time, Katie was playing with Haley, 17 months old. Those two went running off from the playground just a giggling and me and her Daddy went to hollering "Katie," "Haley." We started laughing because their names were so similar. Doug was laughing as well. When we left, I had to change Katie's clothes because they were filthy! I didn't want her to be looking like some little orphan going inside WalMart. Doug was laughing at me because it is war getting her to cooperate. We stopped by KFC and picked up some chicken for Supper. A perfect ending to a perfect day! I will publish pictures and video as soon as possible.

I entered one of Katie's Spring pictures into a contest on the Clubmom website. It's a website, I've been a member for awhile now. I got lots of email from them about Mommy advice and a place to publish photos. I really never pay close attention to the newsletters, but this time I decided to read it. It told of a contest that apparently if you get the most votes you'll win some scrapbook gift certificate from Shutterfly. . I don't care if I win or not, I just wanted to post Katie's picture.

Quote of the Day
Living contentedly in the present has a way of making us productive for a lifetime—for God’s glory. — Dennis Fisher
(the Quote of the Day is supplied by "Our Daily Bread")

Take care and have a wonderful Sunday!

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