Friday, April 6, 2007

Happy Good Friday

I hope to hear everyone was able to get the day off and have a wonderful Good Friday today. Doug was able to have the day off, but not because it was a holiday. It was his regular Friday off. His cold seems to be doing better, just the occasional sinus drainage. If this weather doesn't straighten up and get back to normal, it's a wonder I haven't a serious case of sinus drainage. Now if I can remember correctly, I remember having cool Easter Sundays in the past. Have you heard of having snow the weekend of Easter? I'm typing this up at 10:32 p.m. and it's been snowing since 10 p.m. Of course, they are just flurries but still. I've been hearing for the past couple of days that the worst is yet to come. Supposedly, Sunday is going to be the coldest morning yet. I had to pull all of Katie's pants back out that I just packed away.

The top pictures are from this week. The top picture was caught while she was watching a movie. I think she was watch "Madagascar." She loves Alex the Lion on this movie. If you haven't seen it yet, you've got to see it. So funny! Doug even likes it and that's saying something. The bottom picture is Katie with her "Wizard of Oz" doll collection. Laura let me know the other day that McDonalds was putting Madame Alexander "Wizard of Oz" dolls in the Kids Meals. She knows how much Katie loves the "Oz." As soon as I told Doug this morning how we needed to go to Mickey Ds for lunch and why, he was on a mission. We hit three different McDonalds Restaurants in the County and was able to succeed. We got a total of 7 different dolls out of 8 in the collection. At the first McDonalds, we asked if we could purchase the dolls separately without purchasing a Kids Meal. "Yes," they said, so we bought two dolls from there and headed to the next one. Doug walked in this time and came out with another, but this time he got it for free. Apparently, the clerk didn't know what he was doing. I say this because Doug said the guys rung it up and it came up zero cost. Okay then, now we are on a roll. Why stop now, right? We hit the last restaurant and this time I go in. We have the Scarecrow, Wicked Witch of the East, & Tin Man. I told the clerk I would like to purchase the dolls they had available. The manager over heard and went to the back room. JACKPOT! She came out with Dorothy, Cowardly Lion, Glinda, and Munchkin. YES! I got in the car and announced to everyone in the vehicle that I was "The Mamma!" When I told Doug what I got, he couldn't hardly believe it. He had to see them all for himself. Poor Katie was so excited, she wanted to hold them all. Her and I ended up playing dolls the rest of the evening. Now, we just need to find the Wicked Witch of the West to complete the set.

Before we got out and about this morning, Doug let me know Will was at his Grandparents' house today. Here Katie and I go. I've had this Easter basket ready to give to Will for probably a month, but couldn't find the right time to give it to him. We met Will outside. He was meeting us in order to share his Smores' bar with Katie. He is so sweet. He is spending the night with his Grandparents tonight and will go to church with them in the morning. He has such a good relationship with them. However, he has a problem just like Katie does (right now). He has a bad habit wondering off from his Grandparents place. Luckily, he normally comes to our house. The past few times he has come over, he "forgets" to tell his Grandparents. I've gotten to where I'll ask him if he asked his Grandparents if he could come over. Most of the time, he mutters something and doesn't really answer the question. Mrs. Phipps is pretty good at figuring out if he is not around their place to come over to our house. Well, he did it again today. We don't mind at all him coming over and Katie loves his visits. She thinks he is so funny! They seem to have fun together. I just hate he gets himself into trouble when he doesn't ask to come over. Poor thing! Mrs. Phipps told me they have such a difficult time getting him to remember to ask permission first. Tonight, Will and his Grandma came over and gave Katie their gifts. Will got her this big fluffy bunny that plays music and Mr. & Mrs. Phipps gave her a cute stuffed duck that quacks.

Tomorrow is the Easter Pageant at church. I'm going to get there a little early and drop Katie off to play with her friends. I'm so excited! I know it will be great. What I can't wait to see is the props. Doug told me they put a brook on the stage with a bridge going over it. This I've got to see.

Motivational Quote of the Day
Love only grows by sharing. You can only have more for yourself by giving it away to others. - Brian Tracy

Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

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