Monday, April 9, 2007

Happy Easter

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday. We had a very busy one! I've got updated Easter pictures on our website . Please check them out. I didn't realize until today that in family photos there is a satellite dish in the background. Ugh! I was wanting to get pictures made by the Dogwood Tree and not looking at the surroundings. Oh well!

Easter Pageant - April 7th
Our Easter, I guess, started Saturday night with the Easter Pageant. It turned out real good, but I guess I was expecting a little more. The message was still there and the music was good, I guess I was expecting the Christmas Pageant good. I got to help out with the greeting and standing guard at the entrance doors during the blackout. Doesn't that sound important? tehe! They just didn't want anyone going in walking around while it was dark and hurting themselves. I always love to help out with church activities. We dropped Katie off with the other kids her age to play and have a good time. We have an indoor playground area (I think most of you know what I'm talking about). Anyway, the girls that were keeping the kids decided to take them to the playground. Wow! How fun! We've never taken Katie to the indoor playground, so this was a special treat for her. The girls (teenagers) told me Katie went all the way to the top (tunnel), which is like a story high. I asked them if she was scared or crying and they assured me she had a great time and waved to them when she got to the top. I couldn't believe it! Most children when they go up in that thing for the first, they realize how high they are and start to cry, wanting someone to come and get them. You can imagine how many times adults have to climb up and get them, I've done it once recently. Bless her heart, Katie tripped over a ball in the room and got a huge goose egg on her forehead. It was nice, black and blue for Easter morning. I'm sure you can see it in some of her pictures. It's still a nice size today. That night she got the goose egg, she ended up sleeping with us. I made her stay up and extra hour or two because I wanted to make sure she was okay. I gave her some Motrin and put her to bed, but she later woke up crying and I couldn't get her to seattle down. Bless her heart, when I finally got her seattled down and laying next to me, she was out so I decided to keep her there for the night.

Easter Morning
The next morning (around 7:30), I tried waking her up by telling her the Easter Bunny came that night. I've been talking up the Easter Bunny coming to our house all week and she would get so excited. Well, yesterday she couldn't care less about the Easter Bunny coming because she was sleeping and didn't want to be bothered. So, I began telling her about the prizes the bunny left that night. Her little head popped up "prizes?," she asked. "Yes," I said "prizes." Oh, she got excited and ready to go then. She grabbed her blanket and was wanting to go check out these prizes. I got her step stool for her to stand on and check out all the stuff on the table. Her eyes were big and she continued talking about all the prizes and of course she had to touch everything.

Easter Morning Church Service
We went to church with Millard and Peggy Easter morning. I didn't know how Katie would behave because she's never been to a worship service. I packed her backpack full of stuff - all her Wizard of Oz dolls, snacks, milk, blanket, & stickers. I had hoped to be prepared and if worse comes to worse there's always the back door. I was pleasantly surprised with her behavior. Sure, she was restless at times and almost out of hand with Millard and Peggy at times. As soon as she would get restless, I would pull out something from her backpack, then she would seattle down for a little bit. As soon as we got to Millard and Peggy's, Katie found the prizes on her table. She knew what to do and dug right into the gifts. Her Grandparents got her a couple of bunnies (both play music), pinwheel and candy. We left Mil and Peg's around 3:30 p.m. We left late because Katie was still sleeping and I was so hoping she would get a good nap before going to Tim & Sue's. When she doesn't have a good nap during the day, she has a meltdown guaranteed. We got to Tim & Sue's just in time for Supper. It was so cold that most of us stayed inside especially Katie Girl. She didn't like it much and she was anyones friend as long as you would take her outside. If you didn't fool with her, she was on to the next person. Katie got even more prizes at her Aunt Sue-Sue's house: more bunnies, duck, beach towel with Dora & Boots on it and more candy. All the prizes came from her Aunties, Uncles and Cousins that just can't love her enough. She had a blast! When I asked her if she was ready to go home, she said "no." The only ones left at their house was Doug, Katie and myself. I think Leslie loved it because she got Katiebug all to herself and no "June" around. tehe! Leslie is a huge Elvis fan, so she introduced Katie to Elvis.

For God So Loved The World (DaySpring Inspirational Movie)

I love these movies and I hope you will enjoy it as well.

Take care and have blessed day!

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