Thursday, August 2, 2007

She Said It!

Beings I haven't blogged in a while, I would like to wish Maryann & Kevin a Happy Anniversary! My Dad and Mom celebrated their 52nd Anniversary the 31st of July. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! When I called them that morning to wish them a good day, I asked Mom how they were going to celebrate the big day. She said they would have to celebrate by going to doctors. JOY! As you may know, Mom has pulled some muscles in her leg making it very difficult to walk. She is currently seeing a physical therapist in order to work those muscles out. She had to see her therapist and Dad had a consultation with an Oral Surgeon to get some bone spurs cut out of his jaw. FUN! Hearing all of this just doesn't make me want to jump up and down in excitement and say - "I can't hardly wait to grow old."

Liz sent me this picture of her yesterday. Little "Jake" looks like he's going to be a big boy! According to her email, she is 35 1/2 weeks. Doesn't she look cute? I don't know if it is rough on all new Summer Mommies or not, but I know that last month was tough for me. I had Doug keep the air conditioning on 68 degrees at all times. I had bad water gain in my legs and especially my feet. I gained most if not all my baby weight in the month of July; therefore, causing me to be more tired. If everyone will remember Katie ended up being a whooping 8 pound 8 ounce and 23 inches long. Saying all this, Liz, hang in there girl. It won't be long now!

Apparently, we have to keep up with the Hortons. tehe! Since Alise was here, we've been trying our best to get Katie to say "Roll Tide." She just looks at us and says "No." I guess we feel that we are not raising her right until she says "Roll Tide." Well the other night, Doug bought some Hershey's Kisses. Katie's eyes lit up! "Candy!" she said. Doug told her, she couldn't have any until she says "Roll Tide." "No" she said, but she still wanted a piece of chocolate. He kept it up and she still wouldn't say anything. It's funny because she can say Alabama just about perfect, but she wouldn't try to say Roll Tide. Doug went as far as letting Katie have a lick of chocolate, but not give it all to her until she said "Roll Tide." I thought he was being so mean, so I went back to washing dishes. Apparently, she wanted some chocolate pretty bad because she broke down and said "Roll Tide." You have to really listen to understand her say it, but SHE SAID IT!

Yesterday, Katie came up to me and kept saying "Alabama" and "bracelet." Okay, I didn't know what she wanted. Right now the communciation between Katie and myself is a little difficult. She is learning new words almost everyday. It's putting those words into sentences that makes her frustrated. On days where I'm a little more patient and talk with her, she can get out what she wants to say. Then there are other days to where she gets frustrated and starts throwing FITS! Fits may include throwing herself on the floor screaming or even as far as throwing things. Of course, at this point I loose it. Anyway, I couldn't figure out what she meant by these words. Before she got too frustrated with me, I asked her to show me. "Come on, Mommy" she said. I followed her into her bedroom. I asked again what does she want. She began pulling and tugging on her clothes. "Off, off" she said. I confirmed, she wanted her clothes off. "Alabama" she said. Then it hit me, she wanted her Alabama jumper (from the picture) on. As soon as I got it out of the closet she began to smile and giggle. Of course, we had to get our hair bow, put it in our hair and put on a bracelet. When I wouldn't let her drag out all of her good shoes, she put on her Princess shoes. I don't think she has ever done this before. It was a sight, but she pranced around here like she was somebody. I wished now we tried to get that dress in a 2T. It is way too short. Even Doug has mentioned how short it is on her. I thought it was a 2T at first, but later I found out it is a 24 months. We went shopping with Millard and Peggy last Sunday. Doug and Millard found a cute Alabama jumper at Hibbetts Sports. It is red and white gingham with an "A" on the front. The buttons on the top of the jumper are silver footballs and the bloomers have two elephant foot prints. So cute! Peggy grabbed up a 2T and had me inspect it. They wanted to get it for Katie. I told her it would make a good Christmas present.

Toy Recall
Are you aware there are several Fisher Price toys recalled. Here's the article: Apparently, these toys were painted with lead paint. As you can see, a lot of these toys are Elmo and Dora the Explorer. These two characters are favorites for small children. I may have to throw some of Katie's toys away because of this mistake.

Have you guys been keeping up with the news. If so, it was awful to hear about the bridge in Minneapolis falling apart. The last time I heard there are 4 dead and several people still missing. Please keep them in your prayers.

Hell's Kitchen and Age of Love
Next week is finale week for "Hell's Kitchen" and "Age of Love." I love TiVo because "Age of Love" is on the same time "Hell's Kitchen" is on. We TiVo "Age of Love," so we are able to watch "Hell's Kitchen." Wow! It's been exciting and shocking. If you keep up with these reality TV shows, who do you think will win next week? For "Hell's Kitchen," I predict Rock will take it way. For "Age of Love," I predict Amanda will steal his heart. I was really routing for Meagan, but who knew she would let a fear of flying keep her from winning Mark's heart. I think Jennifer is a gorgeous 48 year old. She is such a sweetheart. Doug thinks she's had a lot of plastic surgery done in order to look that good. Because of the huge age difference between her and Mark, I feel his family in Australia will discourage him from seeing her.

Take care and have a great day!

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Laura said...

I was going to send you the email from the Spoiled Rotten Boutique when I get it. As far as the Alabama smocked dress, it is smocked with the football and megaphone. However, the owner is going to market in Alabama either this weekend or very soon and she told me that they have Alabama smocked dresses all over there. She may bring back something totally different. Either way, I will let you know so you can decide if you want one, too! Have a good weekend!