Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Can I Get A Whoop Whoop?!?

I've been busy these past few days and lots have been going on. First of all, I had the guys from Dutch Barn come out twice yesterday to check out the property for the storage building, they will be delivering (hopefully) in a couple of weeks. Doug and I wanted to make sure they will be able to bring a 10 x 20' building up our driveway, but instead they were concerned about damaging one of my flowerbeds. Who cares about the flowerbed, it can be re-done in my book. After they evaluated the site and re-evaluated, we all decided that it can be done and I gave them a down payment. Oh, I'm so excited about finally getting our building ordered.

My Baby Girl Growing Up
I've been wanting to go through some of Katie's newborn outfits and pull out clothes that I know Colton would be able to wear. I assure you nothing phrilly or pink. LOL! I got so excited about ordering the building yesterday afternoon that I went ahead and went through a couple of space bags full of clothes. I ended up making three piles of clothes. One for Colton, one to keep for Katie or my nieces and another pile to sell or give away. My gosh the clothes and you know it was so hard to put a lot of Katie's clothes in the sell/give away pile. Don't get me wrong, I want to give. I think me going through her baby clothes hit me hard that my little girl isn't a baby anymore. It's too bad that they don't stay little for long. Katie enjoyed looking at her newborn stuff. "I wore that when I was baby?" she'd ask. It was as if she was amazed to be that little. She has seen her baby pictures, but I think she was shocked when she could actually see and feel the outfits that she wore.

Speaking of my baby girl growing up, Doug and I have been talking this past weekend about Katie attending preschool next Fall. I've wrote to you in the past about my concern for Katie when she attends Kindergarten. I just think she would be able to learn more and be more prepared for Kindergarten, if she went to preschool. She's learning to listen better since she's been in ballet, but I think it would be a good experience for her. Nothing is official, but I think we are going to try to get Katie enrolled into Christ Covenant School the next school year. Doug and I asked Katie if she wanted to go to school and she seemed real excited. "Uh, huh!" she responded. A bonus, I know one of the pre-K4 school teachers, Katie B. Her and her husband not only go to the same church that we do, but I've worked with her in the Children's Ministry. I've seen her in action and I know she is real good with the children. She has a bubbly attitude and makes learning fun. My friend, Rachel takes her kids to Christ Covenant and she goes on and on about how she loves Katie B. as her children's teacher. Rachel told me that Katie B. is teaching her daughter, Zoe (4 yrs old) how to read. Zoe and Katie (my daughter) are friends and I think it would be good for Katie to have someone that she knows at that school, eventhough Zoe will be in Kindergarten next year. Here is their school link: Christ Covenant School.

Oh, I've got to tell you about a fun computer game that Katie and I came across. I've told you about Katie loving to play games off of the computer like Angelina Ballerina, Magical Fairy and Barbie. Well, Katie was getting bored playing the same games over and over (dress-up, ballet dancing and memory games). So, we went over to Noggin and I found a Blue's Clue's Mix & Match game that Katie loves to play. You have to match up Magenta's outfit. For instance, if she is wearing a cap with a ladybug on it, you have to find her shirt with a ladybug and put it on her. I kinda wish it was a little more challenging for Katie because she can finish the game in nothing flat, but she is always so proud that she did good. If you want to check out the game, you can go here.

I'm breathing a little better now that I'm slowly getting Easter done for the kids. Yes! As you know, I've got Katie's dress bought and ready. Well, now I've got Colton's Easter outfit purchased along with his coming home outfit. I thought they were so cute, but Doug is afraid that I'm going to turn our boy into a girly boy.

The above outfit is for Easter and announcement portraits
I thought this outfit was so precious! I love the rocking horses. This looks bigger then the outfit above, but I was hoping it would be Colton's coming home outfit. We'll see. I may have to use the white romper instead, depending how big he will be.
Doug ragged me about this outfit because it's a gown.

I've also been getting Easter bunny gifts for Katie here and there. I wanted to get her this baby doll from "Little Dreams". This doll is so neat and Katie really liked it. It opens and closes it's eyes, makes noises and literally drinks it's bottle. So cool! I wanted to get Katie a special doll to take care of when Colton comes home and I had this doll in mind. Well a couple of weeks ago, I was beginning to get concerned because Walmart sold out of these dolls and the shelves have been empty since then. Ugh! Monday, we had to go to Walmart and I went by the toys to see if maybe a shipment came in. Yes! They must have just delivered them because there were quite a few. You talk about being sneaky. I had to sneak the doll past Katie and have the cashier fix it to where she wouldn't be able to see it. I'm thinking about giving Katie the doll for Valentine's Day because Colton will be here before Easter. It just depends because I ordered the Disney Bingo DVD game last week from Target and I haven't seen it yet. I was going to give that to Katie for Valentine's Day. We'll see.

New Projects
Maryann came over last night and dropped off some "Save A Date" paper for me to create for Zayne & Whitney's wedding. She's wanting them by this weekend, so she may come by tomorrow to pick them up. I've never made these before, but it looks like no big deal. We'll see. I've had problems with special paper in the past, but prevailed then. Pray for me.

It's suppose to get real bad around here today. So, Katie and I are going to stay at home and catch up on some stuff around here. I've been watching the news this morning and all the tornado damage in the Oklahoma area. So bad! It looks like most of the bad cells are more towards the Ohio Valley, so I'm hoping we won't get the really bad stuff here.


Laura said...

Love the outfits. Colton will only be little once and Doug's got the rest of his life to turn him into a "man." Right now, he can be your little boy!

Jellybeans Children's Boutique said...

I came across your blog while looking for a customers. I love your little boys outfit - keep up the good work. I think that you might enjoy visiting our website and reading our blog.