Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ellen Calls Gladys

I have to thank Sarah for my laugh for the day. Ellen DeGeneres called a lady, Gladys, on the phone from Austin, TX. It took a little while to download from YouTube in order for me to watch it, but it is well worth it.

Laughter truly is the best medicine!

Baby Update
Thursday, I had my bi-weekly doctor's appointment. Baby is doing good. I got to meet one of the other doctors and I really liked her, very patient and took lots of time with me. Since we are still expecting to schedule a C-Section, we went over some of the procedures and made sure what to expect on the BIG day. We are 32 weeks pregnant, baby is still moving further south (I didn't think that was even possible, but he is) and I'm having a little more intense Braxton Hicks (approx. 3-4 bad ones a day). They didn't do the Strep B test yet. Dr. Reidy said that they will do that at 35 weeks, which means probably at my next appointment. We go back in a couple of weeks. This appointment will not be fun for me because I have to fast again, so they can check my glucose and make sure that it's still doing good. Please pray for me. Doug is suppose to be going with me. After our appointment, we are to call the hospital to see if a room is open. If it is, we will go on a little tour of the hospital and nursery.

Not Doing Much
We've had a pretty busy week. Yesterday, Doug was home and we just had a down time. We messed around the house and watched TV. It was great! I also thought it was a great time to drag out the bank statements and work on them. Yuck! Soon, I figured out why I hated doing bank statements. It gives me heartburn!

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thekeyes said...

glad you liked the video. I thought is was funny but really i hope i'm that spunky when i'm in my 80's. ;-)