Friday, February 20, 2009

We Have A Birth Date Scheduled

Doug and I went to my doctor's appointment yesterday morning. Doug finally got to meet Dr. Kakani for the first time. I asked him later what he thought of her and he seemed to like her. The first thing, I guess, he noticed was her mole that is conveniently in the middle of her forehead. He was telling me how it worked out perfectly because as you know she's Indian.

I think Dr. Kakani is convinced now that my glucose levels are just fine because the blood work came back at 70, which she said was very normal. I guess me staying away from sweets for a few days helped out, but trust me I've been missing my cookies and donuts. Ha! I told Doug maybe now Dr. Kakani will leave me alone and not make me go through the fasting again. Ugh! I've gained 4 lbs, which Dr. Kakani seemed pleased with but I don't want to gain too much weight. Doug has been so sweet about the whole thing saying I need to gain the weight. When they monitored the baby's heart rate it was running a little fast, 166. His heart rate has been around 150-156. I asked the nurse if that was okay and she assured me that he was just being active. I addressed my concern about the sharp pains I was experiencing in my lower abdomen. I told her that I couldn't remember having that with my first child and it could be that the baby is just pushing on something, causing the pain. She agreed with me, but she wanted to check it out. Ugh! Right away, I knew me telling her this was a BIG MISTAKE. If you've ever had a baby then you know happened next. All in all, everything is trucking right away as planned.

I was actually surprised when Dr. Kakani asked me if we had scheduled the C-Section yet. I told her no because she said earlier that I could pick out a date closer to 38 weeks. So, all of this was a big surprise for me. Well, she said that we needed to schedule the date if that was okay with us. Of course, I was all for it. As of today, we are scheduled for a C-Section on March the 27th at 7:30 a.m. I guess now that we have a date in place, I'm even more excited. So, put this date on your calendar!

After the appointment, Doug and I went to Blue Plate Cafe for breakfast and enjoyed their Blue Plate Special - eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, toast and orange juice. It was so good! Doug found out that they service fried bologna. He said it was really good. We headed back to the hospital for a tour. The nurses there was so nice and helpful. I really hope we have a good experience, while we are there. The nurses went over with us what to expect before, during and after the surgery. We got to view some of the rooms, which Doug and I were a little disappointed because they were smaller than the one we were in at Decatur. One of the nurses said more than likely we might get one of their bigger rooms because I'll be a Triage patient and we'll have more stuff. They do have some waiting areas, but they are not necessarily close to the patients rooms. I'll probably have to stay in the hospital for about 3 days, unless Dr. Kakani feels that I'll be ready to leave a day early.

Katie's Schooling Update
I received a call from Sonshine Preschool the other day. They've had Katie on a waiting list from last year and they have an opening this next school year. She was calling to see if we were still interested in enrolling her with them. Not being able to discuss this with Doug because he was at work, I asked the lady to please send me a packet and let us look through it.

My new dilemma is convincing Katie that she can go to the potty by herself and wipe her own self. Sometimes she'll go by herself, then there are other days when she wants me to hold her hand. I can understand being in there when she poopies, to help out. I told Doug that we probably need to teach her how to wipe better because I don't know if the teachers will help out in the bathrooms at school. Moms, am I being paranoid? One day this past week, she wanted me to help her in the bathroom. She was being lazy not wanting to wipe or put her clothes back on herself. I finally told her that she'd better start, if she wanted to go to school. I added that if she couldn't go to the bathroom by herself then she couldn't go to school. Oh my gosh! You would have thought that I told her that her life was over. She began crying and begging me to send her to school. So, moms I need your advice that have already gone through this stage. What do I do? Am I being too rough with her or not enough?


Allison said...

I don't think you are being too rough on her. We have the same problem with Anya on washing her hands. She can't really reach the sink well so we are working with her on using the sanitizer foamy stuff that we sat on the back of the potty and we have to constantly remind her of it because she always wants us to come in there and help her wash her hands.
We decided that we are just going to do homeschool preschool next year, if we don't go to Sacred Heart. We have a tour at Sacred Heart on Sunday. So, we will see, but I found some really good programs down in Birmingham for her to go to if Sacred Heart doesn't work out as well.
Congrats on the date! Not too much longer now!

Anonymous said...

I have had problems with Emma in this area. She just won't wipe sometimes. I ended up buying her the flushable wet wipes to make it easier for her. I am most worried about her getting infections. In the preschool that Emma went to the teachers did not go in the potty with them after they reached 3. Thank goodness she is getting past this stage.

The Thorsrud Family said...

hey! the 27th?!??! Come on! I suppose baby Mason needs his own birthday,....but the 26th is a nice day. Maddie had trouble for a long time wiping herself. It takes time. I practically forced Maddie to do it herself...she cried for awhile. Then when she started doing it herself I rewarded her. Now she's fine and just yells when she poops for us to help. Good luck!

Laura said...

I'm going to be honest ticks me off that Alise's teachers won't wipe her fanny when she potties at school. She's only three freakin' years old! HOWEVER, this is something we are working on and hopefully by the time she starts Pre-K4 in the fall she will be doing better. Can you tell this is a pet-peeve of mine?