Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Welcome Carson Wade!

I received Liz's email this morning with lots of pictures of Carson Wade. He is so precious!

6lbs. 15.2 oz.
20 inches long
He arrived at 7:53 a.m.

Storage Building Update

Oh, I received a surprising call early this morning. Our storage building is ready to be delivered. YAY! I'm so excited. It will be delivered some time this morning. I plan to take lots of pictures because I'm curious as to how they plan on getting this building up our driveway. I'll post pictures as soon as I possibly can.

Funny Katie Story

With pregnancy, I've been having a hard time these days resting good at night. Thank goodness, I don't have a job to go to early in the mornings. LOL! I'd be such a zombie. I got to sleep in late this morning. Katie crawled into bed with me at 6:00 this morning. By 7:30, it was time for me to eat. Katie was fast asleep, so I just closed the door to let her rest. By 8:00, I heard her crying. I was afraid she had fallen off the bed. Instead, she said she was afraid that I left her. When she calmed down and we began talking about what we were going to do today, she perked up and informed me that she was too scared to sleep in her bedroom. I figured she would tell me that she had monsters or something similar. I was shocked at first when she told me why she couldn't sleep in her room. I had to start laughing. She said, she couldn't sleep in her bedroom because she could hear daddy snoring through the wall. She had this serious look on her face telling me this. As I'm laughing, she continued saying that he is so loud and we need to tell him to be quiet.

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