Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Special Prayer Request

I mentioned a friend and Sunday School member of ours has just been diagnosed with cancer. Well, I just got an email stating that her surgery has been moved up from March to February 20th. Please keep her in your prayers, I know she will appreciate it. Thank you!

Liz emailed me this morning letting me that she will be having a C-Section on Monday at 7:30. I'm so excited for them. Please remember them during this time.

I spoke to Susan yesterday and she is concerned about my nephew, Jon's, sugar problem. As most of you know, Jon was diagnosed as being pre-diabetic or borderline diabetic. He's been on a special diet and exercise program for almost a year now, it seems like. Doctors, Susan and Jon all felt like this would solve the problem. Susan said that normal glucose is between 0-3 and Jon's showed up 4.4. Since then, he's been doing real good about watching what he eats (sugar & carbs). Plus, he's been working out with weights and lots of walking. You can tell by looking at him that he's lost quite a bit of weight. The boy is solid as a rock. Well, he had his glucose tested again last Friday. The results came back yesterday and his level is 11. I'm pretty sure I got all of these numbers correct, but I know I got the last number correct. The doctor has got Jon on medication to help get his glucose number down. Their plan now is for Jon to stay on his special diet, exercise and take his medication in hopes that this will solve the problem. I told Sue this has got to be so hard for him. It's hard for me to stay away from sweets for very long, so I can't imagine a 15 year boy restraining himself. Please remember him in your prayers.

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