Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Katie School Update

Well, I have exciting news to report. Katie and I just got back from her future school, she will be attending in the Fall. Originally, I wasn't going to get her out in this weather and especially after our episode early this morning. I've been watching her all morning and she hasn't had a fever for 12 hours. I'm really hoping the worst is behind us now. I thought this morning would be a good opportunity to make the necessary phone calls. I've been on the phone all morning. I had a few questions for the Covenant School before we decided, which preschool she would be attending. There's a specific teacher for Katie, if she attends this school and I was beginning to panic because her class was filling up fast. Ugh! They were nice enough to leave a packet for me at the school office. The more and more I worried about Katie not being able to get into this school or any school, the more I wanted to bundle her up and register her today. I spoke to Doug before we left and I told him my dilemma. I filled him in on all the info I found out this morning. He agreed with me to go ahead and get her registered. Katie was so excited when I told her that we were going to go visit a school, she might be going to after her birthday. Her main concern was if they had a swing and slide. I guess who cares about the class room or the fun she'll be having with the other kids. As long as they have a slide and swing.

I think we got to the school just in time because the teacher, Katie Burney, had 7 children signed up in her class for next year and they allow up to 10 children per class. Shoo! After I got Katie registered and requested Katie Burney as her teacher, we got to go check out the place. I really like the fact that all of their classes are small, more one on one. Katie loves her classroom! She kept asking me if that was really going to be her room. Of course, she went straight for the toys. Mrs. Katie wasn't there, but we see her a lot at church. Katie will get to go 3 times a week for half a day. I think she'll really enjoy going to preschool. Here's a link to the Covenant School. Oh and by the way, they did have a nice playground with a swing and slide for Katie to play on. Shoo!

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