Thursday, February 26, 2009

Conversations with God - Part 2

Wow! Thanks Sandy for finding this website with further information. Bottom line, we need to make sure our children are not pressured to read or purchase this book from or for school. A lot of false/misleading books are exposed to our school age children on a daily basis from the school system and teachers. I've seen segments on Fox News exposing a few history books that are very misleading. We just need to over see what our kids are reading in school and not assume anything. HERE is the link Sandy forwarded to me regarding "Conversations with God".

Moving Day
Saturday, we are planning on moving stuff (boxes) out and put into the storage building. I've been working with Katie's boxes of clothes, making sure they are all sealed up correctly. I've also tried to pack up some baby toys. There are lots more toys I need to go through in Katie's play boxes, but I'll just have to find another day to do it. Me spending so much time in Katie's room, clearing out stuff, has gotten her all upset. She doesn't want me to clean out her closet or drawers. She would see an old dress or outfit, she'd ask if she could wear it. As soon as I told her that it was too small, she would begin crying and whining. Ugh! I tried to explain to her that as soon as we made lots of room in her closet, we would go shopping and get new clothes that she could wear. I figured that would smooth things a little, but no such luck. "But mom" she whined. "I just want to wear that one." So frustrating at times.

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