Monday, February 23, 2009

Cullman Has Serial Rapist On The Loose

I know this is shocking news for our community, but it's very true and scary. We've had this creep on the loose in the county for sometime now. The word going around town is this guy waits for his victims at public places like a store or restaurant. So far, he picks women that are alone. He watches them get into their vehicle and follows them to their home. There, he forces his way into their home with a mask over his head, gray hoodie and holding a gun. He held up one lady, asked for all the cash she had in the house and afterwards raped her. He attacked a women at a local park. She fought him tooth and nail. After he beat her up, she escaped his filthy clutches and she got help by getting a construction worker's attention. He's attacked 4 women total thus far and he attacks his victims during the day. This guy is bold and one day his number will be up.

Doug and I went over safety plans, in case this rapist comes knocking at our door. Trust me, I've been looking over my shoulder now and watching everyone. Hey, I've got a gun and I'm not afraid to use it.

A friend of our forwarded us a sketch of the suspect. He is of Hispanic or Indian Origin, 5'6" or 5' 7" & is thick build. If you've seen this guy or have any information about him, please call the Cullman Police Department as soon as possible.


Laura said...

OMG!! Stay safe and use your gun if you have to, Sista!

jo said...

i am so afraid to even go out at night because of that creepy guy. i am usually a brave person but since this man hasn't been caught, i will still be afraid until he is behind bars!!!