Wednesday, February 25, 2009

No Ballet Today

I was just telling to mom yesterday morning how fortunate we were because Katie had not been sick in a very long time. I had cleaned out the medicine cabinet the other day and threw out a bunch of expired children's medicine. I made a list of over the counter meds to get before the baby got here like Children's Tylenol, Motrin and Gas Drops. Well, I spoke too soon about Katie not being sick. Because as soon as the guy left after setting up the storage building, she actually asked me if she could lay down on the couch. She has never asked to lay down, so that was a red flag. Her laying on the couch didn't take long before she was out. Peggy came over to pick her up to take her to ballet class for me. When I got her off the couch, she felt real warm. I was hoping it was from the blanket that she was wrapped up in, but no such luck. She had a temperature 101 degrees. Ugh! Peggy was so sweet to go get us some Tylenol from the store. Katie was doing good after a dose of Tylenol. She was so upset, she couldn't go to ballet. She begged and begged me to let her go. I called her instructor to let her know that Katie wouldn't be in class. It's very important that all the girls attend class because they are learning their routine for the Spring Recital. Elaine, ballet school owner, told me to call back to see if we could get Katie into class another day this week.

Katie went about 7 hours without a temperature, so I thought we were out of the woods. That is until 1:00 this morning. She came crawling into bed with us. She had a slight temp of 99.6 degrees, so I tried giving her more medicine. Well it didn't stay down long. Yuck! Bless her heart. She asked me what she just did. When I told her that she threw up, she kept apologizing. I assured her that it was alright. I'm a sensitive person when it comes to people that get sick. I did pretty good because I didn't loose it until after everything was cleaned up and Katie was tucked into bed by daddy. When Doug and Katie heard me in the bathroom, Doug said Katie turned over and told him that I was green. I'm hoping her sickness was a 24 hour bug because it's been 9 1/2 hours since she had some medicine and there is no fever.

Storage Building
Doug, Millard and Peggy checked out the building as soon as Doug got home from work. We all seem to really like it, especially me. I plan on going through Katie's clothes and getting the Space Bags re-vaccumed. Doug is talking about getting stuff moved into the building this weekend.

Cullman Rapist
There are no major reports or leads on this creep. The county is in chaos, trying to find this guy and get him behind bars, which would be fine with me. It's amazing how a community like ours comes together in situations like this. Everyone has turned into a Neighborhood Watch, which is great. Everyone is watching out for everyone else. I spoke to June yesterday and she said that the phone calls are nonstop at Investigations. She added, all calls have been checked out, but still no real leads to this guy.

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