Monday, February 23, 2009

Congratulations Liz & Nolan!


Mom just called me and said Liz and baby are doing fine. I don't know the exact weight or measurements yet, but mom seems to think that he was shy an ounce to being 7 pounds. His name is Carson Wade. They liked the name Carson and Wade is Liz's dad's name. Mom was telling me that the epidural didn't take affect, so they had to knock her out completely. Bless her heart! She went on to say, as soon as the doctor and nurses were getting him out, he began peeing all over them. LOL! I thought that was funny. I hope Liz writes these things down in his baby book. Ha! Liz was suppose to take her laptop with them to the hospital, so they could post pictures as soon as possible. I can't wait to see him. Sarah IM'd me just a little while ago saying how cute he was and that he has a head full of black hair.

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thekeyes said...

Yes best i know you got the measurements right. 6 lbs 15 oz i think. No one told me how long he was but really her didn't look as long as the other children did.. hmm not real sure on that. His hair was so black and full and also he made the cutest little grnting sounds. Liz was awake when i saw her but still seemed a little groggy. We are letting them all get some rest and we are going to go back up there tonight with some flowers and stuff.