Monday, February 2, 2009

Justin Timberlake on SNL

Have you seen this? It's Justin Timberlake on SNL imitating Beyonce's dancers on her music video "Single Ladies: Put A Ring On It". When it does show Justin, he is on your left hand of the screen. Leslie showed this video from YouTube to me yesterday. I thought it was funny and had to share it with you. It's hard for me to imagine someone, especially a man, to have these kinds of moves. I didn't see this on SNL because I can't stay up that late anymore since I've been pregnant. So, Leslie said the girl in the middle with Timberlake is in fact, Beyonce. I hope you enjoy watching it. I know I'll have to revisit it from time to time. LOL!

Ground Hog's Day
Well, it looks like we've got another 6 weeks of Winter. Our rain finally slacked off, but is expected to return tomorrow.

Katie's eBay Dress Update
Oh, I'm so excited! We received both of Katie's dresses this afternoon and they are so sweet. We'll have to have a fashion show for you soon, with all of her new clothes. Tehe!

Are We Ready For Baby?
Yeah, I know that we still have some time before Colton makes his big premiere. However, I'm feeling much more at ease because we are officially pre-registered at the hospital and I've got an appointment scheduled for a tour of the hospital. I showed Maryann and Whitney the outfits we've received for the baby.

Now, I need to go through some of those outfits and some of Katie's clothes that are for both genders and get them washed up. I'll need to pull out the bottles, wash them up and replace the nipples. We'll just need to get some diapers closer to the day and we'll be doing good.

As far as how am I doing, the intense Braxton Hicks have arrived. I had 3 hard ones Saturday & Sunday. I had these a lot when I was pregnant with Katie and oh how I've not missed them. The baby is definitely getting longer because I have to stretch out, when he stretches out. The other day, he was pushing on my left hip and his head ended up underneath my right ribs. Ugh! You talk about holding your breath. Yesterday, I was trying to get up off the couch to tell Leslie goodbye. The baby's body got all pushed out on my right side. It was freaky looking because it was as if you could see and feel his backside (head & back). He stayed in that position for some time. Leslie was having a fit, rubbing him and going on about how she could feel him. The little stinker likes to wake me up during the night, jumping around and having a good time. I've got a check up later this week. This visit, I'll get to meet with one of the other doctors because my doctor will be on vacation. Let's just hope, my doctor won't be on vacation the week I have the baby. Ha! That's happened to me before and another doctor delivered Katie.

Have a great week!

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Allison said...

I remember those contractions and I know they are not fun. Hang in there. Let me know if you need anything or if I can help out with anything! Hope all is well.