Thursday, August 13, 2009

Katie's Doctor Visit

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever lived up to your responsibilities as a parent, made an appointment with your child's medical doctor for a check-up, made sure it was on a day and time that wouldn't interfere with anyone else's schedule, made arrangements with someone else to watch your other child that day, making that person rearrange their life to make your life a little easer? Then, when you arrive at that particular doctor's office at the precise time that you agreed to, just to find out that the office personnel put you in their computer under the wrong day and time. Well guess what? I'm that person today. LUCKY ME! Like most busy moms, I didn't have my reminder card with me, so they couldn't guarantee Katie would be seeing Dr. Lunsford today because they were all booked up and couldn't fit her in. The ladies did ask for us to wait for a little while because the person that they did schedule in their computer for the exact date and time, Katie was suppose to be there, had not shown up yet. We waited for a whole 20 minutes past the original appointment time to wait for this patient. Ugh! We could have already been in and seen the doctor by that time. {Can ya tell I'm a little on edge?} Eventually, the ladies (2) called me back to the reception desk, apologizing up one side and down the other about the mix up. Thinking there still might be hope, Dr. Lunsford could see her, one lady said that the patient showed up and if they could reschedule our appointment for another day. Ugh! I kept calm because I knew down DEEEEP inside me that there was nothing that could be done. They screwed up and I'm having to pay for it. They gave me 2 perfect opportunities to rant, but would it have really helped the situation? I think not! So, while both ladies are still apologizing, I politely tell them that "it happens and today is my day." I agreed to the next appointment and double confirming it to the receptionist, turn around and left the office. Of course, Katie is really confused. She asked me before I even opened up the door from their office, "am I not going to see Dr. Lunsford today?" I confirmed to her that she would not. At the elevator, she said, "but I wanted him to hear my heart." "There was a mix up and we won't be seeing the doctor today, but we will be back another time," I tell her convincingly. We head out into the parking lot towards our vehicle and she asked me, "can we still go to Walmart?" Yes, this mama has to bribe her daughter to let the doctor examine her. "Yes, baby girl. I told you that you could go." "Alright!" she says with a little lift in her spirit. Then, like a little puppy dog looking up at me begging for a treat she asked me, "can I buy something?" I responded, "yes, you can buy anything you want because I brought you a little money to spend." You talk about a little girl on cloud nine. Our trip from the doctor's office to Walmart gave her lots of time to decide on what exactly she should buy with her monies. She tickles me!

At Walmart, it was a BIG decision but she made up her mind and grabbed up a new "The Little Mermaid, Ariel" doll that comes with a float. She floats in the water. I didn't realize how heavy this doll was until I got it out of the box. Katie loves her new doll. She was showing it to everyone. Of course, she told me on the way home that she was so dirty and needed to take a bath. This is code for: hey, I want to play with my doll in the tub as soon as we get home. No unloading the car, taking care of Colton, listening to voice messages or reading the mail. It's all about Katie, you know.

Katie has changed her mind for the third (3) time about her Halloween costume for this year. It's a good thing I haven't committed to anything yet. At first, she wanted to be a garden fairy. Then, it was a wicked witch and now, she wants to be "The Little Mermaid, Ariel." Thank goodness we have lots of time before Halloween, in case she changes her mind again.

Tomorrow is the second day of school. She seems as excited about tomorrow as she was the first day. HA HA! She made sure that I packed her an apple for her snack. I don't know what it is with her and apples here lately. Honestly, I don't think she'll eat it. Why? You ask. It's because the times she has had an apple (yellow delicious, my favorite), I've cut it up for her and she still didn't eat a lot of it. Because she has been aggravating me about the apples, I let her pick out 3 Gala apples (small apple) from the store, to carry as her snack. I'm also planning on packing some Pringles and cookies, just in case the apple doesn't make it far. Maybe I'll be surprised.

BTW, as soon as I got home this afternoon, I checked the doctor appointment reminder card and guess what was written on it = THURS 8/13/09 @ 2:00 PM. HA! I showed it to Peggy as I'm telling her the story about the doctor's visit. They are going through a huge office reinnovation and I'm hoping that is the reason why the mix up. For the past 4 years I've been going to him, this is the first time we've had this mishap.

Special Note:
I want to thank you for all the sweet comments about Katie's first day at school. She really loves it! Liz - yeah, she has both a backpack and lunch box. I know, she really doesn't need the backpack, but what's school without one. Right? Besides, I fell in love with this panda bear from Gymboree.

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Laura said...

Have you seen the apple dippers with the caramel dipping sauce at Walmart? Alise LOVES them as an easy snack. The apples are already cut up and packaged really well. I like them, too.