Sunday, August 9, 2009

Covenant School's Open House

We went to "Open House" at Katie's school. She was so excited, she left Doug and I going to her room. I was surprised that she remembered where it was, since this was our second trip there. Her teacher is Mrs. Katie, so it shouldn't be very hard for Katie to remember her teacher's name. She has a very small class of about 7 children at the most. Keep in mind, this is a private school. One thing our community is blessed with, it's several private schools. You pretty much could take your pick. We decided to send Katie to Covenant because it was a small christian preschool that only goes to the 2nd grade. I personally know her teacher, a friend of mine, Rachael, recommended the school and the price was just right. The Open House today was pretty much a come see, drop off supplies, if you want to, meet and greet type scene. Right off the bat, Katie made a new friend. I can't remember her name, but her and Katie were playing in the floor with the toys, while us parents talked. To our surprise, one of Katie's original friends from church, Claire, is in her class. Claire was a little shy this afternoon, she looked a little tired, so she stuck close to her daddy. It was great to see familiar faces for both Katie and myself, I wasn't as nervous. Everyone has an assigned seat. I was glad to see that Mrs. Katie has Kaitlyn and Claire seating across from one another. I got all the info needed when it came to the dropping off and picking up. I've already signed up to bring snacks in October. Each month, they will have special parties. The snacks that the mommies bring have to be of a specific color. Mine is "ORANGE." I picked that one on purpose. I'm thinking about making Halloween cupcakes & cookies along with some HI-C Orange Juice Boxes. I think I'm going to take the cheddar fish crackers just in case someone might be diabetic. While I was paying the tuition, books & art classes, Doug had time to look at all the names on the tables. He told me later that there are all girls and only one boy in Katie's class. HA HA! Poor boy, won't have a chance.

Saying this, I have to tell you a "Katie Story." This evening, Peggy told me that when Katie was at her house these past couple of days, she told Peggy something I think is shocking. Katie told Peggy that she hopes that she won't get a boyfriend at this school. Of course, when Peggy was telling me this, Katie was standing right beside me all shy. When I tried to ask her about it, she would put her hands over my mouth as to say "drop the subject." HA HA! I asked her who told her that? Finally, she said her Grandma Jerry told her. HA HA! I'm going to have to get on to mom. LOL! Just joking. I thought it was funny. I tried to get her to tell me what she thought a boyfriend was exactly. She never did.

We got to visit her art classroom and meet her art teacher, Ms. Laura. I hope Katie will tell me about what she's learned in all of her classes, including art & music. I hope she won't be one that will be clamed up and not say a thing about her classes. Oh, Mrs. Katie has a traffic light (made out of construction paper) and everyone's name is on a clip. Right now, everyone's name is on the green light, but if they misbehave or get out of hand, their name goes up the light. I warned Mrs. Katie about Kaitlyn's habit of talking too much. I had Katie look at me and I showed her the traffic light and explained to her what it meant. She said she understood and that she would mind Mrs. Katie, I guess time will tell the true story. It was too hot to walk out to the playground, so we hopped in the car and drove around back. The playground is a pretty decent size. She is so excited to be starting school in a few of days.

Here are a few pictures of us, ready to go to church this morning. Katie asked if she could hold Colton for a little bit before we left.

More are on my photosite.

This week is ballet registration. I haven't decided exactly what day I'll be registering Katie for ballet. I do know that she's ready to start. Target sells ballet leotards and skirts in both pink & black. I found a cute pink leotard with rhinestones on it. Knowing that Katie will be in the same class as she was in last year, I went ahead and purchased the leotards & a pink skirt to go with it. Katie just loved it. I've got to go through her drawer and throw out last year's leotards because she out grew them. I'm hoping Mrs. Anna will have some on sale at her shop. Last year, I bought Katie 3 leotards and they lasted all year just fine. I think I'll do the same thing this year. I spent $13 on the leotards from Target and some times I can get them on sale for around $10+ at Mrs. Anna's dance shop. We'll see. I nearly dread how much it's going to cost to get Katie ready for ballet. Last year, I think I spent over $100 and that didn't include tuition. I know Walmart sells leotards, so once I get her signed up, I can go check them out.

Katie has a doctor's appointment this week as well, her 4 year old check up. Ooops! She won't like this visit, I don't think. She hasn't had any shots for the past couple of years, so I wouldn't be surprised if she was due a couple. I figured her school would be overly concerned about shots. The director told me that they would not concerned about immunizations at her age, not until she reached Preschool 5K age.

I promise you, when everything is on schedule and running, I'm going back on Weight Watchers. Of course, I'm having a difficult time shedding the baby fat. Ugh! I had a hard time with Katie's baby fat. In fact, I think I still had some baby fat when I got pregnant with Colton. Now, I'm in a pickle. If it wasn't for my bladder, I'd get on Katie's trampoline and bounce for as long as I could. Don't get me wrong, I bounce just fine. It's just after a few minutes of bouncing, my bladder begins to head South, if you know what I mean. SORRY for the vision!


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OMGosh! Colton is getting SO big!! I just know that Katie is going to LOVE school!