Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More Needs To Be Met

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More Needs Out There
Allison was so sweet to remind me of "man's best friend." The pets are suffering right along with their owners during this recession. What I thought was a great idea, she wrote me saying "The Humane Society" and area animal shelters are helping folks with funds that can't afford to feed their pets. This way, people would not be forced to turn their loved ones (pets) over to the animal shelters. I know the shelters nation wide are over run with dogs and cats as it is. I'm sure with the recession, it is making matters worse.

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Allison, you may have to correct me if I'm wrong, but I know my mom use to donate dog food (unopened), pet bedding and shavings to our animal shelter. I would think that they would still do this today. If you think this is a great idea, call your local animal shelter. If you would like to donate to "The Humane Society", please click HERE. My mother religiously supports the ASPCA. If you would like to donate to "ASPCA", please click HERE.

Allison asked me if I had one of those mesh veggie & fruit feeders. Nope, not yet any ways. I have got to get to MADISON! I've got to go to Babies R Us and then over to Target, but I've gotten myself into a rut. I'm just now getting brave enough to go to Walmart by myself with the kids. My problem is I just can't handle Katie running every where, grabbing stuff that "she has to have" and Colton screaming, while I'm trying to search for stuff in the store. It doesn't matter if it's just one child at a time acting up or both at the same time. By the time I get home, my hair is down around my head (still falling out BTW), my eyes are bugged out, and I'm telling Katie to be quiet. There are days where I honestly believe that my head is twitching. My mother-in-law told me she would watch the kids for me one day, so I could run up to Madison. As soon as I get there, I need to pick up a mesh baby food feeder.

Katie Story
As I was washing dishes today, Katie and I were talking about the upcoming seasons. Since Labor Day doesn't mean that much to her, I told her that the next holiday was Halloween. She was excited. She announced this afternoon, she was going to dress up as a witch this year. We'll see if she will stick with it by October. After discussing Halloween, she piped up and said "then Christmas is next." "No," I told her. "The next holiday would be Thanksgiving or Turkey Day." "Yeah," she said. We were talking about the Thanksgiving Day parade. Her eyes got big and asked if she could be in a parade. I told her that I didn't know, but we would have to wait and see. Next thing I know, she is waltzing in the Living Room wearing her headband, a scarf (as her hair) and pom poms. I asked her what she was doing and she said that she was in a parade. She asked if I wanted to be in the parade because she had some bunny ears for me to wear. HA HA! It all went silly from there. Before long, Katie wanted to try on all of her special headbands and have her picture taken. Next thing you know, Colton was wearing the headbands. I had to stop her when she wanted to put Minnie Mouse ears and Snow White's red bow on his head. I knew Doug would have a heart attack, if he even thought we might have dressed up his son like a girl. HA! I hope you enjoy the silly pictures!

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Laura said...

Too cute! Alise says she wants to be Minnie Mouse for Halloween! Ya think Katie's old outfit might work? Ha, ha!

Also, the other day when you were mentioning all the pictures Katie had already had taken, did you mention the wedding pictures? Maybe I just don't remember reading it? I thought those were SO good!

Tell Katie we're coming for Labor Day. I think we're gonna stay with Peggy and maybe Katie can stay with us, too!

The Thorsrud Family said...

haha. Katie is dressing Colton up! Oh you wait, Colton will be doing it willingly! Maddie always gets JAke to dress up with her. He also has SUCH a hard time when Maddie is getting his nails painted, and he can't. I painted his clear last time, I couldn't handle the crying. He will get it someday, and until then I'm not going to make him cry over trying to be a boy. He's boy enough! These sisters are great!!! I wonder if I have posted the pic of Jake....I doubt it and I might do that just for you! Just have Doug look at Jake's pic on my blog and you will be safe!

Allison said...

Thanks for mentioning it Mirya! And Travis is still tweaking my site, so you should hopefully be able to leave comments again soon! Our local shelter always needs cat/dog food, kitty litter, bleach,latex gloves, blankets or towels, paper towels, dish liquid like Dawn, and any dog or cat related toys. Check out the Sunday paper as well, we are having a huge sponsor ad done in our paper with some of our special adopties!

I totally understand about going places with two kids! For me, its mostly going out to eat, it seems like the second my food gets there, someone needs something...I always feel like the Mom in "A Christmas Story" who can never sit down to eat for herself! Oh, well, maybe I'll get really slender again! :)

Thanks for mentioning the pups and kitties! :)