Sunday, August 30, 2009

Alabama Football ~ The Tradition ~ Future ~ ROLL TIDE!

I want to start out this week by giving our boys (Bama's Best) a week's worth pep rally. Be expecting Alabama Football photos, videos and music to celebrate a new year of SEC Crimson Tide Football. Hopefully by Saturday's game, you will be syked and ready for the


Katie's New Challenge
Doug and I have been talking about me and the kids going to a park during the week days in order to get some exercise. I believe I've mentioned before about how everyone's a little scared, especially women, about getting out and walking in our local parks because of the attacks. I know the one guy is still on the loose, but I haven't heard any new attacks. Doug and I have come to a compromise about a specific area that should be safe enough for us to walk. On top of that Doug has given me his consent to go purchase Katie a bicycle. My plan is for Katie to ride her bike at the park, while I push Colton in his stroller. I'm hoping this will benefit all of us.

Now to the challenge. Katie has come into this stage in her life where she doesn't want to go to bed at night and stay in bed. She throws me the "I'm scared" and "I want you mom" cards during the night. I send her to bed at 7 PM as soon as she gets her bath. We allow her to either watch TV or read a book. It's completely up to her. Most of the time, she chooses TV. As soon as the TV goes off, she starts with the excuses and the tears begin flowing. I feel for her, but she needs her rest as well. Knowing that she really wants this Barbie bicycle, I gave her a new challenge tonight. I just hope it works! :/ The challenge is for her to go to bed without crying and fussing over "being scared" or "wanting mama." By Thursday, if she is able to do this, I will take her to Walmart to pick it up. She's so excited. Of course, trying to leave her room, the frown showed up on her face and the lip came out. I tried the breathing technique for her to remember, in case she thinks she's going to cry. It seemed to work a little. I guess we'll see because she REALLY wants that bike. I'll have to keep you updated on the progress.

The Horton's Visiting
I wanted to wait until Wednesday before I told Katie that Alise was coming to visit. Whelly, me trying to calm her down tonight and get her to look forward to the end of the week, I thought this would be the best time to spring the news. You talk about excited. The only thing is she still thinks Alise lives at the beach. She told me that she would rather us go to Alise's house because she wants to go the beach. HA HA! Yet again, I had to explain to her that Alise doesn't live at the beach. Honestly, I wished they did. Anywho, she's already got a list of things she wants to do with Alise.

Meeting Mary Holman
Millard and Peggy went with us to church this morning. After church, we headed over "The Crack" aka "Cracker Barrel" for lunch. Peggy brought to Katie's attention, this little girl hopping around outside waiting on her daddy. Katie kept saying something, but I didn't understand her. I don't think she got a clear view of this little girl. Well, I saw the daddy of the little girl. Guess who it was? Dr. Lunsford! Oh, that must be Mary Holman I told Katie. She shook her head yes. Dr. Lunsford's crew all piled (4 children & 1 on the way) into the same dining area that we were eating. We all waved at each other. Later, Peggy said Katie wanted to say "hey" to Mary Holman. I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to meet Caroline, Mary Holman mommy and Michael's wife. You know men, they are bad about introducing. So, Caroline and I introduced ourselves and began talking about the girls. Caroline said that they've heard a lot about Katie from Mary Holman and I told them the same. She seemed so nice and we've always like Dr. Lunsford. Of course, I think us moms said more than the girls did. Here Katie wanted to say "hi" to Mary Holman and I don't think she said two words. Why is that? HA HA! Oh well. I hope they say more at school.



Allison said...

Anya and Mary Holman are on the same soccer team! Let me know where you walk, I'd love to accompany you if you want some company!

Laura said...

Love, love, LOVED this post!! You took the words right out of my mouth! I wish we DID live at the beach, too!

Does Katie have a cheerleading outfit? We're gonna try and buy Alise a new one while we are in Bama this weekend. I think we need to get pics of the girls with their cheerleading outfits on!!