Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Katie Signed Up For Ballet

You talk about an excited little girl. You would have thought I told Katie that Santa Claus was coming tomorrow. Today, Colton & I took Katie to the ballet studio to get her signed up for her class. The time before we went to the studio, she drove me completely insane. You see this is exactly why I don't normally tell her things that are going to happen until much much closer to the time.

Last night, I had a hard time getting her to bed at 7:30 PM because she is use to going to bed at 10:00 PM. This whole bedtime is going to be a whole new learning experience for all of us. I don't want to send Katie to bed too early because when Doug has to work late, he might come in at 7 PM. This only gives him 30 minutes to spend time with his little girl. Plus, Katie likes to debate with us. If it isn't dark enough outside for her, she feels that it shouldn't be bedtime. She feels that bedtime is when it is extremely dark, pitch dark. Anyway, to get her to go to sleep I told her that we had to go sign up for ballet. She was out like a light by 9:30 PM and up very early this morning. We're talking 4:00 AM early. Doug got up to get ready for work at 4:30 and I guess, according to Katie, we should all be up at that time. I fought her off until 6 AM. She was driving me crazy, so I finally got up.

Later this morning, Katie fell asleep on the couch, I must have fallen asleep rocking Colton to sleep. Man, I had a creck in my neck when I woke up. As soon as Katie woke up, she aggravated me to death about going to ballet class until we actually locked the door and headed towards our vehicle. Unfortnately for her, she didn't have class today. I tried to explain to her what we were going to do, but I don't think she understood fully. At "Dance With Us," I purchased a couple of leotards, tights, skirt, slippers and this time a bag. Last year, I could have kicked myself for not keeping all of Katie's ballet stuff designated in one bag. I thought that I could use one tote for everything. I spent most of my time, emptying out bags and refilling them. Every Tuesday, I was afraid that I might forget something because I kept all of her ballet clothes in a drawer in her room. This time, I'm a little older and wiser. I had Katie pick out a dance bag just for her ballet stuff. I told her, we are to keep nothing but ballet clothes & accessories in this bag. It's really cute. As soon as I can, I'll have to have a "Show & Tell" post.

Clara, Katie's ballet instructor's daughter, told me that her little sister, Esther, might be in Katie's class this year. I really hope so because I think most of Katie's friends from last year moved up to the 5-6 year old class. It's nice to have at least one friend with her, so she won't be so shy. Katie is a couple of days older than Esther. They always have such a good time together and they are as thick as thieves when it comes to being in mischief. Clara seems to think not all of the little girls in Katie's class last year moved up. I hope so, but it will be a good way for Katie to make new friends.

Katie Tries To Get Colton To Laugh
Katie usually plays with Colton, while I wash dishes. I had just fed him, put in a movie for them to watch and asked Katie to watch him so I could wash a few bottles. She was definitely entertaining him, acting all silly. I kept hearing him in the Living Room laughing and chackling at her. I had suds up to my elbows, so it took me a little while to get all of that off. Then, I couldn't find my video camera. Ugh! I just knew I was going to miss this precious moment. Sure enough, he pretty much stopped the chackling, but I got a little on tape. Buddy, I'm ready now. I put the video camera where I can get my hands on it quickly. Now, if he'll just start laughing like that again. Here's a clip:

Big Sissy Reads To Her Little Brother
Below is the video I was talking to you about the other day. I had Colton playing in his bed, while I was off doing something. I heard Katie talking to him in his room. I think I was washing dishes again. When I peeked around the doorway to see what she was doing, I witnessed such a happy precious moment. She was reading to her baby brother. She even showed him the pictures from the book, just like I show her. It made my heart so warm and joyful. I really hope and pray that both Kaitlyn and Colton will be very close as they grow up together.

First Day At Preschool
Tomorrow is Katie's first day of preschool. I'm excited, but nervous for her. I don't know, I feel like I've got so much adrenaline running through me right now. I've got everything organized for her, so we can have a good first start to school. I've got the clothes ironed and laid out. Her backpack is packed. I don't think she'll need it, but I could use it to transport documents back and forth. Her lunch box is partially packed. She wanted to take strawberries and Pringles Cheddar Cheese snack pack, along with an Apple Juice juice box. I will take lots of pictures for you in the morning. I'll try to get them posted as soon as I can. Doug asked me tonight if I'll cry tomorrow. You know, honestly I don't think I'll cry because it's just for 3 hours, 3 days out of the week. It will probably kill me more when she starts Kindergarten. She'll probably be gone for several hours, 5 days out of the week. She'll be bringing home homework and won't have time to sit on my lap and talk to me anymore.

Prayer Request
Please remember in your prayers, Peggy A. She is Pat's (my brother-in-law)sister's mother-in-law. I hope that made sense. Anyway, Peggy A. has discovered a knot in her neck. She had it scanned today. Doctors feel it might be a cyst, lymph node or cancer and want her be scheduled to see a surgeon for a biopsy. As soon as the surgeon previews the scans, his office will contact her for an appointment to do the biopsy. Thank the Lord, I've never had a biopsy before, but I'm sure it is very scary.


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Laura said...

Katie is CRACKIN ME UP!!! I so hope she has a good first day at school. I can't wait to get my hands on Colton in a few weeks!!