Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cleaning Out Closets

Yesterday, Katie and I were busy cleaning out her closet. She kept asking me, "are you sure that dress doesn't fit anymore?" When she saw the shoes I was packing away, especially her boots, I thought she was going to have a melt down. "Mom, those shoes don't fit me anymore?" she asked with a quiver in her voice. I thought she was going to start cry at any moment. I'm just packing away for right now, but I plan to get out to the storage building and start pulling a lot of stuff out and give to "The Caring Center." Most of the clothes I have packed away still have a lot of wear in them. I was so wanting to have a Fall yard sale or participate in our annual "Kids Stuff" sale at church this year, but with a new baby and still getting into the groove with two children, I think I'm going to postpone on that idea. There are a few of Katie's dresses (smocked), I'd like to post on eBay. They are all Spring dresses, so I've got to Winter to get them posted.

I'm planning to get a hold of Colton's clothes today. He's out grown a lot of his outfits. Believe it or not our little 4 month old can wear a 6-9 month clothes comfortably. It's because he is so long. He can wear a 3-6 month t-shirts and pants, but the overalls and rompers has to be 6-9 months.

I have got to take Katie shoe shopping this week or next week some time. She has no Fall/Winter dress shoes and I always like for her to have a pair of brown casual shoes. Some outfits that are not that dressy just looks better with a pair of brown casuals. I found a perfect pair of Hannah Montana sketchers at Walmart, but the smallest size they had available was a size 12. Katie can wear a size 10 and sometimes 11s, but 12s are too big. I hated putting them back because Katie really liked them. I haven't checked out Shoe World or Payless, so maybe they will have a similar pair in their stores.

M.O.M.S Outreach Group
I'm excited for our M.O.M.S. group at church because they are going the extra mile and created a blog for their weekly meetings. I have a feeling that they could use this tool and reach out to so many needy moms. They just recently launched the blogspot and Fall meetings won't start until the 26th of August. I encourage you to check in with their postings. You can check them out by CLICKING HERE.

Dad's Birthday
I recently posted about dad's 75th birthday, but didn't have the pictures downloaded to show you. Below are a few highlights, it was a great party and beautiful day to top it off.

I thought Susan did a great job on the cake

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Laura said...

Katie looks good in her "birthday dress." LOL! And, Girl, pa-leese come clean my closets out next!!

Carrie Woods said...

How exciting Mirya!! MOMS got a mention on your blog... I'm flattered:) Soooo, you're going to follow the study along with us? How cool is that!