Wednesday, August 19, 2009

God Is Always Watching

To elaborate a little more on today's subject, I have to tell you what happened to us, Colton and myself, yesterday. As you know, I took Colton to Portrait Innovations yesterday afternoon to have his 4 month old pictures taken. We had to wait a little because all the photographers were a little busy. Both studios were taken photos of children under 2 years of age, so I understood fully. When it was our turn, I absolutely loved our photographer. She was so good with Colton. At first, I didn't think he would cooperate with her. Thankfully, he warmed up to her and was just a grinning at her. I wasn't too sure what the lady was going to do when she brought out this small leather chair and hat. I tried my best to not laugh aloud because I knew it would distract Colton and he was doing so good in this photo session. It was so hard holding it in because he looked so darn cute.

Now I ask you, can you say "no" to this face? LOL!

If you've ever used Portrait Innovations before than you know that it takes approximately 30 minutes for them to get your order completed, so you can take your photos home on the same day. We went next door to Learning Express, a great toy store, and did a little Christmas shopping. I got Katie another Groovy Girls Mermaid and a GG School Desk for Christmas. So cute! I also found the Chore Chart I wanted to get for the kids.

Katie loves her new Chores Chart. We had to go ahead and fill in Sunday-Tuesday because those days have already passed.

From there, we went to Bama Fever and got a couple of great Bama Pride t-shirts. I really like them. I got Katie a hot pink "Bama Girls" in a youth size x-small. It's a little big, but she'll grow into it. Laura - If you want me to get you one or two, please let me know. The "Bama Girls" cost $14.95 & the "Love the Tide" cost $17.95.

This is on the front of the "Bama Girls Love the Tide" t-shirt.

On down the road is a Halloween Express Shop, so I wanted to see if they were open. Their hours were 10-4 every day except for Sunday. Ugh! I arrived there at 4:20 PM, so I had just missed them. I promised Katie that I would see if they had a mermaid outfit, which is what she has decided to wear for Halloween. When I got back in the truck and started it, I noticed that it sounded a little funky. It kind of made me think that maybe my battery might be running out of juice. Uh oh! I thought this would be a perfect time to go back to PI and pick up our pictures and head home. We got back to Portrait Innovations just fine. I even stopped at Zoe's Kitchen and got a drink. It was a good thing because by the time I got loaded and ready to leave, my truck decided to act up. Yes, when I turned the key all it did was "click". Nothing, NADA! I did all I could think of before finally calling Doug, in hopes that he might be at work. Thank the dear Lord above because Chuck was at Doug's desk and answered his phone. Doug got on the phone and I described to him what was going on. He thought it was the battery. So, AAA came out and check it out for me. I figured they would just jump my battery for me and I'd be on my way home. Simple. Right? Nope! I think you know me and my luck my now. If something's going to happen, it's going to go all out. Right? Well, come to find out it was the starter in the truck and the guy couldn't get up close to the starter to jump it. GREAT! To top all of this off, Tropical Storm Claudette decided to rain on us the whole entire time. FUN huh? Colton acted like everything was cool, while I was freaking out (just a little). I didn't know what I was going to do and I only had one more bottle left for Colton. As soon as I found out that AAA was calling in the wrecker, I called Doug. He told me to go ahead and call Millard & Peggy to come and pick us up. Bless their hearts, they don't make it a habit to go to the Galleria without us driving them there, so they were a little nervous coming to the rescue. HEY - THEY DID GREAT! I am so proud of them. Sure, if I was in their shoes, I'd feel the same way. Now, can you picture me and Colton belted inside a wrecker headed to the closest auto body shop, NTB. The wrecker guy was very sweet and seemed to really care. He had me a cold bottled water ready for me. He told me that he hadn't been with AAA very long. He served a couple of tours of duty and was in special ops. When he retired from the military (I forgot to ask him what branch), he became a bounty hunter for 17 years. Wow! He told me this was a gravy job compared to what he had, which I can imagine. Very interesting guy. We were in the waiting room, while the mechanic confirmed that it was the starter. In comes Millard, Peggy and Katie to the rescue. By that time, the manager came in and told me that it was the starter and he'd have to get the part because they didn't have it there. Ugh! On top of that, he couldn't guarantee if the parts place would have the part they needed and get it installed by tonight, but he would work over if I needed it last night. I called Doug and he told me to get the guy to work on it. While they were working on it, we all went to McDonalds and had a bite to eat. Poor Colton was getting really tired by this time. We had to be back at NTB before 9 PM, so they wouldn't lock the doors on us. Thank the dear Lord, they had it fixed by the time we got back.

I just can't thank God enough for allowing all the cards fall in place - breaking down at Patton Creek; it took 30 minutes before AAA came to our rescue, in a few short minutes a wrecker showed up ready to load us up and take us just down the road to NTB; NTB was able to get a new starter installed into the truck before they had to close shop and Millard and Peggy coming to our rescue. We've been a member of AAA for a few years and this was the first time I've needed them. I highly recommend this membership to everybody, it is so worth it. They take such good care of you because I wouldn't have known what to do.

Katie Story
I think Katie might have a boyfriend and not really know it yet. HA HA! Monday morning, I let Katie walk to her class by herself, while I watched her. I noticed the little boy in her class, Ty, got out of his parents vehicle and began waving at Katie. Why I know it was Katie is because they were the only two outside and she was watching Ty's daddy giving Ty his back pack and snack box. Ty was all smiles and waving at Katie. She didn't give him the time of day. When I picked her up later, she told me that Ty was mean to her. I asked her what he did and she said he wouldn't leave her alone and he put rocks in her hair. HA HA! Laughingly, I told her that more than likely he likes her. "No he doesn't. He's mean" she said. I went on and told her that some times boys act out when they like someone because he doesn't want to tell you that he likes you. I have a feeling that she doesn't understand fully. Today, she said that her and Ty are friends now. I asked her if he was mean to her today. She said, "yeah, he growls at me." I acted like that was funny and asked her if he makes her laugh. She said, "yeah, he's funny. Well, we're friends now." Oh boy! Daddy better watch out! I have to say, Ty is a cutie patootie. He has blonde kind of spikey hair going for him.



The Thorsrud Family said...

I LOVE the bw pic in the chair!!! OH MY!!! That is soooo darn cute! I'm glad your day turned out, after everything. God is good. God just saved me $1300...he is good.

Laura said...

OMG!! That story about Katie and her "boyfriend" TOTALLY cracked me up! Wayne wanted to know what I was laughing at.

Gosh, I hate that you had truck trouble! Thank goodness for help!

And I absolutely LOVE Colton's pictures! I can't believe how BIG he is getting!! He looks so much like you, but I can see a little of Doug in him, too!

And I am DYING for one of those shirts!! Do you think they will have them when we come Labor Day?! I'll let you know.

Can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks!