Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Katie's First Day at School

Who needs an alarm to get you up in the morning when you can have Katie jump in bed with you, telling you to get up because it's time to go to school? I ask you. It was cute. My alarm just went off at 6 AM and it wasn't long before Katie came in the bedroom. She said, "mom, the sun is coming up." I responded, "yes, you're right." "Does this mean, I get to go to school today?" she asked. I had to chuckle at her because she has been looking forward to this day for a very long time and here it is. Today is the day.

I just thank the dear Lord for allowing everything to go so smoothly. Colton woke up around the same time we did, ready to eat. I got him fed and placed him in front of the TV to watch "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse," while I took a bath. Katie was eating her grapes and watching Colton for me. As soon as we all got ready, I took Katie outside to take her picture.

I took my camera phone to take a few pictures of her at Covenant School. At the entrance of the school there are rose bushes, so pretty. I told Katie that I've got to have her picture taken with the roses. There were a couple of Cullman's finest, policemen, at the school entrance, watched us taking pictures. They were probably thinking, look at that poor, new school mom taking pictures of her baby's first day of school. LOL!

The parking lot was used as a catch up gathering place because I saw a lady from our Sunday School class, Charlene. She was dropping off her granddaughter to Kindergarten. Charlene had not seen Colton yet because either her and her husband are at church and we're not or visa versa. It was good to see her.

Katie walked right into her class like she's been going there for years and knows the routine. HA HA! I had forgotten my consent form, so Colton and I had a seat to fill out the sheet. Katie began playing with the little girls. I think the two little girls that are in Katie's Sunday School class, Claire and Mia, helped make the transition perfect.

Claire is the one with blonde hair and blue bow in her hair. Mia is the dark curly hair and dark complexion, standing by Claire. Those little girls couldn't get into their shoe box fast enough opening all of their supplies. Thank goodness, Katie's box was still in her cubby hole. One little girl, tore open her crayons and was dumping them all in her box. I don't know whose box, Katie was getting into. I guess she wanted to help someone out by getting into their box. HA! Very excited little girls!

Katie is sitting in Mrs. Katie's lap. I think Katie was a little nervous sitting in her lap at this point because she really doesn't know Mrs. Katie yet. Hopefully the next time I take a picture of these two, Katie will show a little more excitement. HA! There were still a couple of parents still in the room with the children, but Katie seemed just fine. So, Colton and I eased on out the door. I didn't tell Katie goodbye or say anything because that's when children realize what's going on and might change their mind about staying. I've had that happen to me, working with 2 year olds and their parents. Sometimes it's best to ease out, if the children are distracted. Sure, you want them to hug you and tell you goodbye and I'll see you in a few hours. I've found out that it's best to do that at home before you get to your destination. I believe her going to Sunday School, Swimming lessons and ballet has helped her to know that I always come back in a few short hours. Oh, I expect to have bad days, where she doesn't feel like going to school. I think she will really love school.



Anonymous said...

How exciting!! I honestly think this is a harder thing for the parents to get thru than it is for the kids LOL

Laura said...

Katie looks so cute on her first day of school! I know she was so excited.

Just found out that Alise didn't get the teacher that I had hoped she would get, so now I am REALLY sad about next week!

thekeyes said...

Way to go katie for being such a big girl on her first day! That's impressive! So there were no tears from you miss mama? lol.good job on your part too!

The Thorsrud Family said...

She looks so sweet in the pics! I love the cute little pink back pack, and her little lunch box (that is a lunch box?). I can't believe how time has flown! Katie is going to have such a great time. I think she's been looking forward to this day since she was born! HAHA! She seems to love to be with other kids, so you are lucky!