Monday, August 31, 2009

Sweet Home Alabama

Here's a little pep music to get you ready for the game. If you've ever been to an Alabama football game, you'll know that they always play this famous song "Sweet Home Alabama" by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Of course, you'll have to add "ROLL TIDE ROLL" right after they say "Sweet Home Alabama". You don't have to watch the video, just crank up the volume and sing as loud as you can.


School Life
Katie goes on her first field trip Friday. We are all meeting at the school to caravan to a local orchard farm and pick apples. YAY! I had planned to have Katie dress up in her Labor Day/4th of July/Memorial Day outfit ~ American flag t-shirt & red skort. Since I received the field trip notice this morning that idea went right out the window. Instead all the children must wear their school "neon green" Covenant t-shirts and sneakers.

Our County Fair Parade is the 19th of September. The Covenant School director has decided that the school (students, parents & staff) will participate in the parade. You may think I'm crazy, but I signed Katie and I up to participate. According to the flier, Katie will get her own bag of candy to throw out to the crowd. I thought it would be fun for us. Those of you, who will be watching, be looking for us. HA HA!

Ballet Events
Apparently, us parents will be selling cookbooks this year in order to raise money for the organization. Mrs. Elaine has set up a little competition between the class groups. The class that receives the most recipes wins a prize. What the prize is, I have no idea.


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Laura said...

Is it collects the most recipes or sells the most cookbooks? Sister, I've got some recipes!!!