Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Clean Bill Of Health

Dad went with a family friend to have his RV's brakes replaced at Red Bay, so mom spent the day with me and the kids today. Bless her heart, I don't feel like I was the hostess with the mostest because I think I'm coming down with a Summer cold. Yuck! :P I apologized to her, but she said she had a good time with the kids. I'm not going to depress you with all the details other than my throat is very scratchy. Doug seems to think it came on because of the stress I've been under the past few months. I've been a little on edge, but I'm beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It's way way at the end of the tunnel, but I can see it. Hope & faith keeps me lifted just above the alligators in the swamp. HA HA! Mom decided to stay at our house, while I ran Katie to Dr. Lunsford for her annual check-up. I also needed to run in Walmart to get Colton some formula. Did you catch that? "Run in Walmart." HA! I've never just ran in and out of Walmart. No matter how I try to focus on one thing or practice tunnel vision, it never fails I see something that I need and that's not on my list. Ugh! Peggy came by to watch Colton and spend time with mom, while we were at the doctor's office.

Katie was not a happy camper, to say the least. All the way over there, all I heard was "mom, I'm not going to get a shot am I?" or "babies get shots and not girls. Right?" I didn't want to lie to her. I simply told her that I didn't know if she was going to have a shot today or not, but if she did that I would be there to hold her hand. For some reason, she didn't like my answer. Who'd thought. Sure enough when Dr. Lunsford came in, she began climbing me like a cat climbing a tree to get away from a dog. She kept telling me, she was scared. Dr. Lunsford tried warming up to Katie by asking her questions about school and her baby brother. He knows that Katie goes to school because he's girls go to the same school. The thing I didn't know until he began talking about school is his daughter, Mary Holman, and Katie are good friends. That's all Katie talks about from school is Claire, Katie's other good friend, and Mary Holman. When I explained to Katie, Dr. Lunsford was Mary Holman's daddy, she piped right up. The first and only thing out of her mouth was "where's Mary Holman?" Now, I know both sets of parents to Katie's little friends. Shoo! I feel much better because she has been asking if they could come to our house to play or spend the night. Then, she'll ask if she can go to their house(s) to spend the night. Katie is all about or talk about spending the night, but she's only spent the night with family. I don't know how she would handle spending the night with her friends. Well, Katie is healthy as a horse. She is 77% on the scale with her weight and is 72% with her height. She is right on track. Yay! I went ahead and had her take the flu mist. Boy, you would have thought she was getting the shot. The nurse & I had to hold her down because she didn't want that nose spray going up her nose. After it was all over with she said that it burned. I've never had the flu mist, so I can't say if it does burn or not. I asked about the Swine Flu shot. When will it be available? Dr. Lunsford told me to check back around the month of October, to see if it's in. That's the shot I want her to have because there are already several known cases here in Alabama.

Katie still has a gift certificate to Walmart that I allowed her to use today after her doctor's appointment. She asked if she could buy something. When I told her that she could, you would have thought that I told her that she won a shopping spree. She was so excited that she didn't know where she wanted to start in the toy department. She turned over everything and examined. She was pretty wise in her final choice. She's been really wanting the Barbie Bathroom accessories (tub, potty, toilet paper holder, etc.) and the Barbie Vet Kit. I forgot the exact name, but you get a stuffed animated animal that lights up when they are hurt & you have to fix their boo-boo. Really cute. Well, that's what she ended up with.

As soon as we got home, she couldn't wait to try out her stethoscope and pretend shot. She went around the room giving us an examination and gave us a clean bill of health. She even examined Colton. I was getting tickled because she was doing everything that Dr. Lunsford did. With the shot, she told me "this will probably hurt." Yeah, it hurt because she kept mashing it into my arm or into a bone. When I would say "ouch," she'd grin. She'd say, "now be still." I guess she was getting back at me for holding her down for the flu mist. Little turkey!

Tomorrow is Purple Party day in her class. Eventhough we were not told to dress according to the party color, I've laid out a purple shirt for her to wear. I thought it would be fun for Katie to get involved that way. Oh well. Speaking of party, my sisters were sweet enough last weekend to point out that my Halloween "Orange Party" treats may not be the best idea. Please let me explain. At Hobby Lobby, they had a few Halloween "Orange" treat ideas. I decided that it would be fun for us to make pumpkin sugar cookies outlined in edible sparkling gel/icing. Well, Sue & Maryann pointed out that I would be encouraging children that it's okay to eat glitter glue. The other treat is chocolate jack-o'lantern candies rolled up in edible orange foil. Sue said that when the children go home they would grab a piece of candy at home with real foil and put the whole thing in their mouth. Could they really think that? What do you think? Should I stick with my original plan or should I change? Please let me know.

I have to send a
to my blogging buddy, Shannon, Cary Hairbows
I received the Bama bows and they look great! I'm telling you, she is the best bow maker and I'm pretty sure she could probably make anything for you. Katie has a Bama jogging suit that she could wear the bow, but I'd like to get her another casual outfit. The bows will be that perfect touch to her outfits.
Thank You!

Are you one of many people that loved to watch Julia Childs? I have to admit, I enjoyed watching her. Grant it, I wasn't faithful, but I enjoyed her humor when it came to food. I think Meryl Streep is a great actess and would love to watch this movie. If you've had the joy of watching it at theaters, please let me know what you thought. Thanks!



Laura said...

I'm much did Katie weigh to be in the 77th precentile? The last time we had Alise weighed - when she was sick - she weighed 36 pounds. I can tell she is getting taller and loosing some of her tummy. She's weighed 35-36 lbs. for a while now.

I think you should go ahead with your original plans for the Orange Day stuff. By the time they're 4, I think the kids know better. Or at least should. Alise does.

Anonymous said...

Mirya--You are so welcome about the bows! I am tickled they worked out so well for Katie. GO BAMA!