Sunday, August 23, 2009

Thank You Jesus

During bedtime, Katie and I spend time talking about our day, what we are going to do the next day and any random topic. I had just read "The Story of Christmas" to her. As we were discussing the day, she told me that she had to tell me something. Normally, this is code for "let's talk about anything so I can stay up a little longer." It was running late tonight because we let her stay up and watch "Beverly Hills Chiuaua" on Starz. It was over at 9 PM. I know, I'm a bad mom for letting her stay up when it's school night. Eeck! So, I tell her to go ahead and tell me quickly. She said, "mom, do you know God Jesus?" "Yes," I replied. "Whell, I know where Jesus lives. Do you?" she asked me. I asked her, "Where do you think he lives?" "I think he lives in Cullman" she said with assurance. "Mom, can Jesus see me?" she asked. "Yes" I answered. "Whell, can he hear me?" she asked. "Yes, he can see us and hear us." I answered. I asked her if she would like to tell Jesus something. "Yes, I'd like to tell him something" she answered. "What would you like to tell him right now?" I asked her. "I'd like to thank Jesus fooorrrr mmmyyy ballerina doll." she finally said after much thought. It brought tears to my eyes when she said that with such innocence. It was a precious moment between a mother and daughter.

Movies In Review
As I mentioned "Beverly Hills Chiuaua," it was a very cute children's movie. Katie and I enjoyed watching it tonight on Starz. If you have Starz, they'll be playing several more times during the next couple of weeks. Katie wants to watch this movie again some time, so I've got it scheduled to DVR on Tuesday. If you haven't seen it, I recommend this sweet story.

Smartie Britches
You'll have to check out Smartie Britches' new Fall Arrivals! The two outfits below are my favorites, but there are several really cute outfits. Katie has wore several of their clothes in the past. Peggy and I just love them, we have always been happy with their work. They are a local children's boutique shop, located in Vinemont. Smartie Britches Click Here.

Cary Hairbows
Oh, I'm so excited! My new friend, Shannon, has just finished making Katie some cute cute cute Alabama hairbows for the upcoming Bama football season. She sent me pictures of the finished products and I love them. Sure, I could have gone to any "Bama Fever" and purchased an Alabama hairbow, but I wanted a custom made bow and Shannon, "Cary Hairbows" does a great job. You'll have to check them out:

You can check out "Cary Hairbows" by CLICKING HERE.

Dad's Birthday Party
We threw dad a great birthdy party to celebrate 75 YEARS! He was so surprised! The party was as Tim and Sue's place. We all dressed up in Hawaiian shirts/outfits. Tim and Sue set up a tent by the pond. My word the food, we had lots left overs. Tim smoked chicken and pork for the meats, I love the smell of smoked flesh! HA HA! That sounds a little creeping doesn't it? It was delicious! Susan made dad's birthday cake and I thought she did an awesome job. Leslie created a special beachy type music CD for us to listen to, while eating and fellowshipping. She also created a fantastic DVD slideshow with all sorts of pictures of dad's life. He got really choked up a few times. Us daughters and adopted daughter, Kim Ann, pitched in and got dad a 6 month membership to a gym. He loves to go workout and meet people. What else are you to get a person that has everything? He got choked up again and then balled us out for doing such a thing. If you know my dad, you would understand that he is an advocate in "salting away your money." He never did like for people to make a fuss over him. I think everyone had a really good time, including Colton. I say that because he stayed awake pretty much the whole time. He'd pass out from exhaustion, but would wake up after just a few short minutes. Little squirt! I've got lots of pictures to display, but I will have to post them at another time.

Got The Bama Fever!

Are You Ready For Some Football?
Whoo Hoo!!!

Just 13 more days before Alabama plays Virginia Tech at Atlanta, GA on September 5th at 7 PM CDT. I don't know if I'm getting the football bug knowing that it won't be long before college football starts or if it's the awesome weather we've been having for the past couple of days. Oh, it's been heaven here in the South. Apparently, after Tropical Storm Claudette gave us a visit, a nice cold front came by to stay for a few days. Wow! Yesterday, it was getting down right cold that a few of us had to put on a light jacket or cover up in a blanket outside during the party. This morning, me and the kids drug out our fall outfits. I felt bad for Katie because she had to wear her tenny shoes. I thought I had plenty of time to get fall/winter shoes. Who would have thought it would be cool at the end of August in Alabama? Geez, we are usually battling mosquitos, triple digit temperatures and humdity that's just as high. You talk about thanking God. I'm been thanking him for such wonderful weather. It would be great if it would stay like this the rest of the Summer. I think Doug said the temperatures are suppose to begin going back up in the 80's come next weekend. Hopefully, we'll stay in the 80's the rest of the Summer because usually in September our nights begin cooling down some what.



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